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Short driving clip to test out my camera in a 2011 Volkswagen MK6 GTI.
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Songs: Cimorelli – Dynamite Uniting Nations – Out Of Touch Kobojsarna – La Perla 2012 Volkswagen Golf Follow me on facebook @erikpassat.
Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • Triggerhappyug18 5 years ago

    If this were a GTR rather than a GTI, id would care, a slow car like this needs a manual.

  • MrTestNTune 5 years ago

    It’s a dual clutch manual BETTER then any stick shift and MUCH quicker! Launch control with super quick smooth shifts! It would leave you clutch in the dust.

  • Bob Marley 5 years ago

    180k+ views for some basic driving down a residential street in a GTI. I drift around a track in an S4 but nobody watches. I don’t get it… Oh well.

  • Djonkie Bonk 5 years ago

    So your roads are worse than some of the roads here in Toronto? Nice ride BTW, I’m waiting for a good CPO one to crop up at the VW dealerships.

  • 91gt306 5 years ago

    Since when is a corvette a drag car that cant do corners? And some mustangs can handle themselves pretty well around corners also. It just seems you just are regurgitating a stereotype and have no idea what you are talking about. Overpriced? Smh proving my point

  • Cameron Witt 5 years ago

    Why’s everybody pitching this guy shit about having a DSG? They’re amazing transmissions. I have a 2012 vw passat tdi and it shifts very fast!

  • italirican5 5 years ago

    that looks like staten island lol

  • mike82871 5 years ago

    Nice car, What was all that clunking noise in the beginning?

  • Veyronp87 5 years ago

    you just said corvettes cant do corners…….you have no credibility. and you called them overpriced…..what a dumbass lol

  • Veyronp87 5 years ago


  • KingDavidANC 5 years ago

    Only badasses suggest that valid opinions are not allowed to be presented in YouTube comments.

  • UNSEENMONSTER 5 years ago

    is it America right?? we call our country roads are very bad and see America they also got bad roads 😛

  • dl4life1 5 years ago

    Would a Volkswagen make a good first Car?

  • Alex Kalfa 5 years ago

    thats what you need when you smoke pounds of weed on the daily if you dont want your car to smell

  • TheJegozu 5 years ago

    Boring car… mostly due to the transmission.

  • mcodnry 5 years ago

    Jealous manual people. They’re just unhappy about being beaten by the DSG. 8)

  • lrossi888 5 years ago

    What’s with all of the air fresheners?

  • Loki Mischief 5 years ago

    Fucking drag cars, they can’t do corners, overpriced pieces of shit, ive owned a mustang and a gti, Gti all the way dude

  • Kris Hilbun 5 years ago

    Makes me miss my gti :( sitting on jack stands as i replace clutch … le sigh

  • ungask 5 years ago

    I love DSG it’s so fast, great vid!! Cheers from Poland! :)

  • Petr Babuněk 5 years ago

    Let this guy drive a Mustang manual or a Corvette, he could shit his pants…..

  • Bman4717732 5 years ago

    you’ll want fast shift times in general if you plan on racing anyone at any speed. you’re right about the fun factor though. Driving a manual is alot funner. However it depends on a persons preferences.

  • Triggerhappyug18 5 years ago

    it was to me.. and the dual clutch auto takes all the fun out of driving, unless your going really fast… and the average person cant go over 80 (american highways), so why would u want to have insanely fast shift times?

  • Bman4717732 5 years ago

    you got what im saying confused. read who my comment was to and itll make sense.

  • Triggerhappyug18 5 years ago

    this isnt an exotic, and they have dual clutch trans because theyr meant to top performance, i consider the gti an economy car / fun car to putts around town in ( manual)

  • linguatro 5 years ago

    which country is this?

  • erikpassat 5 years ago


  • MrCosmo2012 5 years ago

    Hi! What do you recommend to buy: DSG or manual? thank you!

  • VanTheManSLB 5 years ago

    Yeah, what i tought… i really want to love these things (because they are becoming very comon) but i think the manual is always difficult to forget for us that like cars and driving.
    Thanks 😉

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    unfortunately I do. Therefore I had to buy a cheap car with a manual. If I were to buy this car over again it would be a 2.0TDI 4motion 6-speed.

  • VanTheManSLB 5 years ago

    Don’t you find the DSG boring after a while, my friend?

  • euvaranudorm 5 years ago

    thanks very much bro!

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    Check description :)

  • euvaranudorm 5 years ago

    song 1;30 please !

    super golf !

  • anassgame 5 years ago

    okey, thanks man

  • Håkon Larssen 5 years ago

    finn(dot)no is the best place for used cars.

  • anassgame 5 years ago

    Please can you write me a Good site where i can buy used cars in Norway . And Thanks

  • anassgame 5 years ago

    Nice city

  • Lindi SHIKU 5 years ago

    How much did you bought it because i wanna buy one next month

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    Thanks! Haha, I like using the tiptronic and paddle shifters :)

  • imdaman786 5 years ago

    Nice ride man, smooth as and shoots like a bullet lol, i thought it was manual like in ur last vid, turned out to b auto lol.. Nice

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    Its a great place for a road trip :)

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    I think its even more in Denmark, its 350 000 NOK here.

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    Thanks 😉 You´ll pass, don’t stress it :)

  • TheNorthsides 5 years ago

    im sure waiting for my engine warranty to pass so i can modify it, 😀

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    Private and friends

  • erikpassat 5 years ago

    I don´t want to lose my warranty or have troubles with insurance if it gets wrecked. The only thing I would want to do with it is some new 19 inch black rims with a chromed circle around. Not everybody’s tastes though.. hehe

  • TheNorthsides 5 years ago

    Have u though about triming it to stage 1 ? Sure is a nice golf love the shifting paddals wished i had that on my car. Keep on the good work i subcribed 😀

  • Yannick de Vries 5 years ago

    Now that is awesome! 😀