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This is how I practice golf, I never let myself leave until I pull this shot off. This time, I just happen to pull it off the first try (after warming up, wi…
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In this clip Jay explains how to improve the accuracy of your iron shots by adjusting comfort and position as well as distance control to improve consistency…
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  • Kolby Hamilton 5 years ago

    regardless of the negative votes this is still very impressive. I am sure the only people that vote it down never play golf therefore don’t understand how difficult it is to hit ANY club that accurate let alone a 2 iron which i know to be the hardest club to hit

  • PickleSlap1995 5 years ago

    lol, this guy thinks he’s a pro.

  • TimboDaSlice 5 years ago

    ive hit that one too, haha

  • whatthedeuce357 5 years ago

    I’m sure he was really aiming for that wire…..NOT!

  • MacManGames 5 years ago

    I donno, I guess people expected more? or are jealous? or just have crappy monitors and can’t see that it actually hit it.

  • TheRSSnation 5 years ago

    why is this disliked so much

  • Titleistfan96 5 years ago

    haha I liven Winnipeg too ! Chek out my swing vids there all at the golf dome

  • erichockey8 5 years ago

    The golf dome?

  • MrSk8erdood 5 years ago


  • cacadaymianjj 5 years ago

    ooh OK i see

  • MacManLtd 5 years ago

    yeah, it’s only 100 yards to the back, but enough to practice making good contact and see the beginning of your ball flight. (I practice here on the cold days of winter, there’s another one that you shoot out to the snow, but I only go there on mild winter days.)

  • cacadaymianjj 5 years ago

    Lol it looks really close (the wall)

  • XShatt3r3d18X 5 years ago

    MacMan, just wondering where is your ball position?
    I have a 2 iron also and I just cannot find the correct ball position haha.
    Thanks so much and may god bless you! ^_^

  • MacManLtd 5 years ago

    well, it was the reason why I turned on the camera. I wasn’t expecting to hit it first try, I was expecting to be recording for a LONG time 😛

  • azrebels 5 years ago

    You didn’t call it, doesn’t count.

  • TradingExpress1 5 years ago

    damn u have a shallow swing

  • zerocks88 5 years ago

    I don’t know why I’m looking at golf shots..
    oh yeah that’s right, happy gilmore rules!

  • eddiem4797 5 years ago

    where is this some kinda driving range?

  • MacManLtd 5 years ago

    I was aiming at the vertical string. I hit it.

  • bucko06 5 years ago

    Looks like it missed low.

  • 204DB 5 years ago

    That is only partially true….Tiger’s real secret to golf is not letting your wife find out you have been banging sluts for years because one that happens your game goes to S**T!

  • MacManLtd 5 years ago

    lol, yeah for sure. I’d be there for days xD

    “The secret to golf is always being pin high.” Tiger Woods

    Distance control’s more important, if your always pin high no matter how far off line (within a reasonable distance.) you’ll be fairly close to the pin.

  • 204DB 5 years ago

    Not bad…for a real challange; use your wedge next time and try to hit the horizontal cable in front of you while the ball is decending. See how high you can hit the ball when you do this before it comes down on the wire. I’d like to see a video of you doing that on the first try!

  • MacManLtd 5 years ago

    Honestly it usually only takes me about 15mins max. It’s not as hard as you’d think, it’s just most people don’t focus on such a small target. When you do, you usually surprise your self.

    But yes I was very lucky that I hit it first try. Especially since I decided to film it. (thought I’d be there for a while)

  • zukuzukuzuna 5 years ago

    Highly doubt you stay there until you make that shot. It is an extremely lucky shot, that relies on luck. The fact that you hit it with a two iron is slightly impressive none the less as they can be pretty tricky. But I just can’t believe you would stay after your practice for possibly hours to get lucky enough to hit that shot.

  • cameltryde 5 years ago

    back to da range..

  • Rory McLroy 5 years ago

    That’s a very useful video and thank’s to these guys, golf is made symplier !!!!

  • jpgreen772 5 years ago

    this works for tennis too

  • allen foster 5 years ago

    wow it makes sense if you cant hit straight short you cant hit straight long because we loose our posture when we tryn to get that long shot

  • Brandon Walker 5 years ago

    Good video well done

  • robertl7754 5 years ago

    this video made me lol 😀

  • Jonathan Dolby 5 years ago

    This is actually quite a good excercise for amateurs to go through…simplistic yes but since when did good instruction/drills etc have to be complex?!

  • TheVanderWall 5 years ago

    Good video, it sounds like an informercial though.

  • zacuum 5 years ago

    Many have missed the point of the lesson, perhaps because it doesn’t teach how to hit the ball out of the park. Well, open your eyes! This lesson is brilliant because the majority of amateurs experience the same problem: we all want to kill the ball using too much arm muscle. In this lesson he teaches you to ease your way up, within the limits of your own swing. Once you have mastered the simple swing and accuracy for short distances, then “promote” yourself to a longer swing.

  • 4JRimmer 5 years ago

    The tip is excellent you witless noobs. And Jay is an AWESOME theorist.

  • AntebellumOg 5 years ago

    Oh, after i got my new clubs i didn’t the green on the bottom and in the cavity is almost impossible to get off.

  • hops4x4 5 years ago

    this guy has a chode

  • projectphoto89 5 years ago

    Anyone can hit balls off a matt.

  • DBEGINNER 5 years ago

    crack… kids… don’t do drugs…

  • xblarsx 5 years ago

    This Guy is hitting balls off a mat, are you kidding me. I think this guy needs the lessons. Hey buddy, you need to start all over again, how bout you get the lessons. When was the last time you hit ball off a mat on the golf course. Haa Haa what a joke.

  • Ian Davidson 5 years ago

    Hi jay, a really great tip for teaching, thanks.

  • Andy Valdez 5 years ago

    “If you can hit it short straight, you can’t hit it long straight”……….Uh i coulda told you that……

  • sclary9889 5 years ago

    hahaahahahah i was just thinking the same thing!!!

  • JokerKing22 5 years ago

    this was the most usless video i have ever watched