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Basic facts about Amsterdam

Although the seat of Netherlands government is in The Hague, Amsterdam is the nominal capital. It is also the country’s largest city, with a population of more than 820,000, and the most visited, with over 3,5 million foreign visitors a year.

The Netherlands is a country situated in Western Europe, bordering Belgium to the south and Germany to the east. To its north and west is the North Sea. Although the Netherlands is the country’s official name, people often call it Holland. The provinces of North Holland and South Holland form only part of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam figures:
Population: 820,654 (May 6, 2012)
Country: The Netherlands
Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1
Telephone area code: 020

City of Amsterdam is run by the city council and a college of aldermen. The council is the highest authority in the city of Amsterdam and is responsible for all important decisions.

The currency in the Netherlands is the Euro ( € , EUR), which is used in almost all countries within the European Union. For details on changing money and methods of payment see our tips for visitors.

Climate in the Netherlands
The warmest weather is from June to August, with temperatures between 21 – 26 degrees Celsius. There are rarely extreme temperatures. The air is relatively humid and fog is common in autumn and spring. There are stronger winds from October to March. Click for weather forecast.

Timing your visit
Any time can be the best time to visit Amsterdam. The peak of the tourist season is July and August, when the weather is the finest. Weather, however, is never really extreme at any time of year, and if you’re one of the growing numbers who favor off-season travel, you’ll find the city every bit as attractive during these months. Not only are airlines, hotels, and restaurants cheaper and less crowded during this time (with more relaxed and cheerful service), but there are also some very appealing events going on. For example, the bulb fields near Amsterdam are bursting with colour from mid-April to mid-May. The cultural season is in full swing between September and May in Amsterdam, along with The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and other nearby towns and cities.

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