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BASS FISHING (Florida Golf Course Pond) Dec./Jan.

Here’s some action from my most recent trip to the famous golf course pond that has offered up quite a few good bass over the years… Baits used: Zoom “Baby…
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  • Sam Brentwood 3 years ago

    Wish I could fish in December, we have snow and frozen ponds lol.

  • Richard Clavelle 3 years ago

    +cbadra2 Can we do something friday? I actually work down the street from
    there. Harbour Ridge. 

  • zsozsousa1 3 years ago

    nice. where is this pond?

  • miami305black 3 years ago

    i NEED a FLORIDA trip….i so miss home! BEST fishin’ DOWN SOUTH!

  • loganhutch850 3 years ago

    What city is this in?

  • TheOlman35 3 years ago

    Hey if you ever want company hit me up im on the west coast and we have big
    bass but they are far few in between… my best is 6.7 in a 10 ft wide 4
    ft deep canal…

  • BassKickin Williams 3 years ago

    Where did you get that scale

  • Jdawg ro 3 years ago

    I lived in Orlando for 30 years but now live in Tennessee. Your video made
    me homesick! I miss the simplicity of Florida fishing :( 

  • Michael Robinson 3 years ago

    I’m so sad watching this I hate living in tucson, az he’s catching them
    back to back. and I can’t even get one on my line. I can’t wait to go to
    patagonia, I swear if I don’t catch a fish before 25 I’m gonna go happy
    gilmore hop in the water and spear one. 

  • Richard Clavelle 3 years ago

    How did you get in there?

  • Landon Myers 3 years ago

    Wish I could wear shorts and short sleeves in Jan./Dec.

  • Warsrogue 3 years ago

    I remember fishing golf courses as teenagers, best there is. N Florida

  • Wm Davis 3 years ago

    Sweet bass and calf muscles. 

  • bat2ball12 3 years ago

    What part of Florida is that??

  • jobu88 3 years ago

    The golf course doesn’t hassle you or run you off? Nice. Every time I
    ever tried a golf course they acted like I was a terrorist.

  • Brian Moore 3 years ago

    Freaking great video. That fish at 11:00 was very nice. Thanks for

  • ThegreatEF 3 years ago

    Don’t you guys get in trouble for fishing in the golf courses ??????

  • Jordan Hanger 3 years ago

    Nice job I just subbed! I live in Florida as well. 

  • Rodriguez Matthew 3 years ago

    Rods, reels, line used? (Sorry I’m a gear need:p)

  • Karam Darwich 3 years ago

    Do we need a bass for fishing in there 

  • Michael C 3 years ago

    Great video! Thanks!

  • Dante Di Milo 3 years ago

    5:31 How casual can one be

  • Bryan Prokuski 3 years ago

    WOW. Nice fish at the end of this video!

  • duff600 3 years ago

    I really wish we had bass in ireland..:(
    Great video..loved it.

  • Matthew Miller 3 years ago

    What also works very well in FL is Zoom June Bug worms. A lake near my
    college kill those worms. I’ve caught some monsters fishing the bottom with
    a Texas rig in Daytona Beach