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Check out the top 5 shots from the 2008 PGA TOUR season. Earning top shot honors this season are Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Adam Scott, and …
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Golf Great Shots


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  • conboi10 5 years ago

    look at 1:07 that guy jumps into the lake!!

  • imbatman143 5 years ago

    ?????you mean Dan Hicks?

  • A Chinaman 5 years ago

    “hello ben hogann” epic quote from jim nantz

  • Robert Hartman 5 years ago

    phil wore that same shirt sunday at the masters…

  • Yonny Lee 5 years ago

    hahahah Tiger woods and caddie synchronised fist pump! 2:20

  • Charlie West 5 years ago

    best moment in golf that year 1:05

  • Ben Jacobs 5 years ago

    any time there is a video of Phil’s shot, there is always a top comment about the guy jumping in the water.

  • iEatedBitches 5 years ago

    @exettFoShO Hat tan, black people get tan too. Er, blacker rather.

  • McChuugy 5 years ago

    You can see him in the water at 1:09!

  • beseriousplease 5 years ago

    @exettFoShO – its all light

  • Thomas Snoeck 5 years ago

    you can see him swimming at 1:10

  • TheMaster640 5 years ago

    1:06 that guy who jumps in the water what if theres crockodiles in the water

  • DoggyOnW33D 5 years ago

    Everyone noticed the background guy. xD

  • Pearse Donnelly 5 years ago

    what about padraig Harrington’s eagle on the 71st hole of the Open?!?!

  • droan999 5 years ago

    yada yada yada tiger went and fucked jenna jameson after that putt

  • 121789 5 years ago

    thumbs up if this makes you want to go out and play

  • LLAGor1lla 5 years ago

    2008 was a boring ass season if those were the 5 best shots.

  • GardnM3 5 years ago

    I bet Jim Nantz thinks he’s the shit

  • jmaer91 5 years ago

    1:50 – “The awkward moment where Adam Scott realizes he is currently a much better player than Tiger Woods and doesn’t have to pay women for sex (yet still gets better women than Woods)”

  • rugbyrazer123 5 years ago

    LOL If You Look At 1:10 You’ll Find Him Swimming In The Water 😛

  • jmaer91 5 years ago

    what happens and what time is it at? I read your comment but I still don’t get what happens?

  • KTFlaSh96 5 years ago

    0/21 for this week, i dont think hell really do.
    seconds later….

  • melvin2301 5 years ago

    you’re a fucking faggot, people don’t read the comments before they watch the video, and it’s hilarious. Don’t be a nipple fucking tit wrangler you gutless puke

  • LilLeeper178 5 years ago

    they forgot about the us open that was won only on one good leg