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  • Daniel Higginbotham 5 years ago

    If you play on a more dry coarse what bounce would you need?

  • Cahnt 5 years ago

    My pro taught me to use the bounce and he tried to teach me how to do Phil’s ‘hinge & hold’ method which i have not been able to master AT ALL. I see Mark doesn’t use Phil’s technique for chipping.

  • Craig3383 5 years ago

    Mark, I came across your videos on YouTube then downloaded your app. I really enjoy your reviews and lessons as well as the funny takes in the app!!  Only wanted to let you know that you are changing the game for a few of us…. R…b…zed. And of course “lets get stuck in”. Great stuff Keep it going!!!

  • John Mali 5 years ago

    I would assume that you would do some damage on the wedges if you were to hit a shot out of the rough rocks that you are demonstrating. What is the ideal bounce in your opinion, cheers

  • Dave Zahara 5 years ago

    A chip rolls more than it flies, a pitch flies more than it rolls. That’s the definition I’ve always been given anyway.

  • harneyzach 5 years ago

    Mark, does the same idea apply to sweeping your pitch shots?

  • harneyzach 5 years ago

    OH YEAH haha. If you have that much bounce, this style might not work as well. Setting the ball farther back and hitting down is the way to go with 13 degrees of bounce.

  • djp3525 5 years ago

    Waite Mayo Golf…..Grant Waite and Joe Mayo…just did a very good video about this last week.

  • catawbasprings1 5 years ago

    When I’ve tried this, the leading edge catches the ball and causes a bladed shot. Is my 13 degree bounce the problem?

  • Kevin Harris 5 years ago

    Mark my one coach told me ball back feet & body slightly open to target. But me current coach has told me to have a more traditionally golf stance, as I have been known to shank my chips what do you think to this? I play off 16 but currently playing to about 10. Could you elaborate more on this plus bunker play. Love your vids.

  • Steve Evans 5 years ago

    I use ATV wedges, you don’t need to worry about choosing the right bounce when buying this wedge.
    How about a review Mark?

  • 4golfonline 5 years ago

    great comment, plz try both styles and find out which one suits your golf game the best. Many tour professionals are using a mixture of both styles to get the job done.

  • mrchilled 5 years ago

    Are you serious? Just have a look at your other instructional video on chipping:

    So which is it? Have you really thought about this or is it more about yourtube hits? Your information is completely conflicting.

  • shredx81 5 years ago

    I think the unwritten rule is that you are better off with more bounce than less. Pro golfers tend to be able to really pick the ball off the ground with a wedge that has less bounce and tend not to hit them thin/fat. For the average player, creating spin requires a fairly aggressive contact with the ball. Less bounce means sharper edge which increases potential for fat shots.

  • hawjsta 5 years ago

    Man.. this guys channel is amazing he have everything about golf.

  • ThePeebsb 5 years ago

    Hi Mark

    Great videos. When I look at your earlier vids on chipping you use a different method. Is this new method only when using sand wedge lob wedge (i.e. clubs with a bounce sole.

  • oldfoggie123 5 years ago

    That’s how we played chips 45 years ago!…great to se the old ways comming back!…Nice one Mark!

  • bonanzamine 5 years ago

    Hi, how do I choose the bounce of my wedge? Thanks.

  • chris ro 5 years ago

    isn’t this pitching?

  • RevBigDaddie 5 years ago

    Thanks Mark! You’re the first I’ve ever heard to explain the use proper purpose of the bounce! Thanks and this lesson was very easy to understand…for me at least.

  • mattgreenfield13 5 years ago

    this tip is actually realy good, but then why don’t you apply the same principle to pitch shots?

  • Rob Moore 5 years ago

    Great tip, goes against much of the conventional chipping “wisdom”, will give it a try. The bounce is also something to think about if you’re in the market for new wedges, have you done a video concerning various bounce characteristics?

  • kafkaesque08 5 years ago

    OMG, I think you’ve just cured the most debilitating and drawn-out case of chip-yips ever. Going by my efforts just now, that’s five or more years of pain eradicated in less than five minutes!! The revelation: I didn’t realise how terrified I’ve been of hitting the ground at all…being instructed to deliberately hit the ground behind the ball is like the evil spell has been lifted. I don’t know how I ever got into the problem in the first place. Hopefully it’s over now. Thank you so much!!

  • LaMont Godbolt 5 years ago

    Yes, Im more of a sweeper in my swing. So a 56 degree loft with 10 bounce? whats the wedge for me?