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World renown golf instructor and golf coach to the stars of the PGA TOUR, Butch Harmon, delivers a golf tip on how to maintain good width on the full golf sw…
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  • patrick glasgow 5 years ago

    Ah. Touche haha

  • David Schultz 5 years ago

    i don’t disagree about having a wide arc, but all of the people he coaches came to him as complete and accomplished players. dj has smashed that ball for as long as he can remember.

  • patrick glasgow 5 years ago

    You can’t say this isn’t true because many of the players he works with are bombers of the ball like Dustin Johnson

  • jcking33 5 years ago

    i have mine too!

  • 22gooner 5 years ago

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  • Boomer Tee 5 years ago

    BUTCH…kudos for your tips/inspirations! ARNIE has also inspired many with his PROSTATE awareness; perhaps you can inspire your many SENIOR friends in VISION…”macular degeneration(AMD)” AMD has now surpassed Prostate cancer in stats( A silent anomaly, AMD needs your HELP Hank in awareness!
    YOU TUBE(photochromic transitions)

  • brainysnaeha 5 years ago

    Rhythm is also one of the most important that determines
    accuracy and distance.
    I may have 10 mph faster clubhead speed but without
    good rhythm all that massive clubhead speed is all for nothing.
    The greatest example is that most of my good long drive ball
    I never try to hit the ball hard just keep on rhythm and let it go
    at the right time.

  • CarolinasPGApro 5 years ago

    Dead on… is about two things….Leverage and angular momentum…..all you’ve got to do is learn how to control both.

  • Cookie4800z 5 years ago

    first off, ssgolf37, what the hell are you talking about? depth? golfers don’t kick, they swing. and consistent ball strikers don’t suffer from “paralysis by over-analysis.” let me guess, you’re a 12 hdcp criticizing the number one teacher in the world. and frankenstein, i don’t think about crap like ‘speed and equal distance over time–i just get aligned and let my compact repeatable swing consistently bring me to the bar after shooting in the 70’s.

  • frankenstein01 5 years ago

    Oh my… I guess speed doesn’t equal distance over time.

  • ssgolf37 5 years ago

    thats wrong its not the size of the arc that determines speed, its swing depth that creates speed. take field goal kickers. 20 yrs ago they kicked in a straight line, now they kick on an angle

  • frankenstein01 5 years ago

    The idea is to have a big arc. Bigger arc creates faster clubhead speed

  • ssgolf37 5 years ago

    wrong!!!! if you swing straight back and straight through with the maxium width its the slowest possible way to swing a golf club

  • thechessstick 5 years ago