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Thats the link to the Forum which explains all controls and stuff ..
Hope you enjoyed the Vid and Bla Bla Bla Bla ..

See you around onverse 😉

1.Mile high cafe entrance cannon — Pet store roof
E+S + Masterblaster Technique

2.Pet store cannon — To the beach
W+Jump should bring you far enough

3.Cannon facing the amphiteatre — Firepit on the hill
E+S , Only E+S. No jumps and brake a little if you thinkg your going to fast.

4.Amphiteatre cannon — Factory Fresh Imports roof

5.Mile high cafe exit cannon — Overtone roof

6. Arena Cannon — Techtronics Roof

7.Threadz Cannon — Threadz Roof
Q+Master Blaster

8. Sharktank cannon — Hill behind the Sign

9.Tech center cannon facing the hub — Essentials roof
Get on the bridge via the Essentials roof.

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