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  • Thomas Hiltbrand 4 years ago

    Hello there! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Golfonax Training Program (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this golf training known as Golfonax Training Program? I’ve heard some amazing things about it.

  • Gwen Blanchard 4 years ago

    do you do a video of chipping out of 2inches of rough 5feet from the green mine always runs through the green vic

  • Andy Gardner 4 years ago

    2:21. A wild golf ball appears

  • XXVinnyBonesXX 4 years ago

    love this little shot round the greens Mark, has improved my game no end by putting the ball closer than trying to lob it up there.

    Thanks man

  • EIapse . 4 years ago

    full swing between 60-100 depending on your swing specs.

  • Tim Timmay 4 years ago

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  • bowshott007 4 years ago

    how far should i be able to hit my 60 degree wedge? i dont know distances for clubs.

  • RANCHES1000 4 years ago

    Great vids Mark, thanks! Once I start hinging my wrists, twisting my torso, trying to evaluate attack angle, etc., I loose concentration on accuracy and club speed. It seems like a putting stroke would be the most repeatable/dependable way to chip. A web search reveals a lot of chipping/pitching putters (some with adjustable lofts) with patents pending, but none really on the market. What am I not seeing here?

  • 111raybartlett 4 years ago

    Classic Hinge and Hold chipping, thanks for your explanation.

  • Ramboheebo 4 years ago

    Hey, just for asking, that cap you’re wearing, is it Bunker Mentality?

  • Adam Southworth 4 years ago

    Is that your game iron, if so what graphite shaft are you using?

  • 49rockon 4 years ago

    Was told to use different lofted clubs to chip from different distances from the green.
    Thought in theory it makes sense, it is too confusing and difficult for the amateur in me.
    So, I use the PW mostly, not always very successfully but has at least, have some idea of what it can do. Is it me or others also having his problem? Great video lessons. Keep it up !

  • thejpinky 4 years ago

    This is one of my most consistent shots from 8′ or less from the greens. An 8 or 9 iron works great from 8-10 ft. Very useful!

  • Jeff Saxman 4 years ago

    Just blew my mind!! I ALWAYS play a loft wedge on shots like this, and ALWAYS roll it long! Thanks Mark!

  • xJamo98 4 years ago

    Your videos are really useful , I have learnt so much from watching only about 15 , I also took your advice on some clubs you have recommended in the past , Thanks again!

  • Thomas Meeks 4 years ago

    i watched this video last week, had a similar shot and did exactly what i could remember of what you said and chipped it in … not only that i have been chipping and one putting like a champ all week .. .thanks man

  • codgamersity 4 years ago

    Would you use a sand wedge outside the bunker?

  • Masterrumann 4 years ago

    Absolutely awesome! thank you for the technique and structure of the shot, I have impressed many with your advice and changes to my game. I have had my first 3 chip-ins ever with this tip! Can’t get enough

  • sparanob 4 years ago

    Thanks fot the video.  What clubs do you use for Chipping? I use my PW generally

  • brofun 4 years ago

    I also have more success with landing my ball about 25% onto the green and letting it role out the 75%…love these kinds of tips tho..the hinge and hold method I learned by watching, it’s good to see another instructor giving the same advice!

  • Winterstick549 4 years ago

    What rubbish?

  • Steven Symonds 4 years ago

    If you got bored in less than 5 mins Golf aint the game for you amigo, go troll somewhere else

  • joe Blunt 4 years ago

    another great tip to help to improve an important part of the game and to make life a little easier..When you master shots like this it makes the game so much more enjoyable …thanks Mark

  • Daniel Barnes 4 years ago

    i can do that, but mine gos in the hole :)

  • RevBigDaddie 4 years ago

    Mark, your teachings are very easy to understand…great lesson my friend! Thanks!