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Golf GTi download link for City Car Driving 1.2.2: Game Download:…
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  • Domenic Fauerbach 5 years ago

    der vollfosten kann noch nicht mal auto fahren digga

  • Domenic Fauerbach 5 years ago

    yes this game is free for pc

  • princ edi 5 years ago

    activation key ?

  • Wilson Wimpee 5 years ago

    is the old version free with no key if its not free then is SUCKS

  • martiinseg smit 5 years ago

    jaja no sabe manejar pasa de 2da para 4ta jajja

  • conster63 5 years ago

    Sorry for the late reply, there are a lot of online scanner’s available, I couldn’t name any but have a search on Google and you’ll find one :)

  • conster63 5 years ago

    No, but there is a link in the description where you can get the game for free. I only recommend doing this to try the game, and if you like it and it runs on your PC then buy it.If you buy, you get the newest version which you can’t get by torrent.

  • MimisKTM Power 5 years ago

    is this game free for p.c?

  • maxmarotzki 5 years ago

    Fick euch ihr scheiss Engländer

  • Cqub3 5 years ago

    Possibly, do you have anything to scan it with?

  • conster63 5 years ago

    I’m sure it’s a false positive. Happens with all cracks on some Anti-Virus’.

  • Cqub3 5 years ago

    The crack, i can’t find any crack that does not have a trojan

  • conster63 5 years ago

    You serious? I checked with all my antivirus programs when I uploaded this video and they found nothing. Which link do you say has the trojan?

  • Cqub3 5 years ago

    Damnit trojan.. 

  • conster63 5 years ago

    Yes, the link I posted is free :)

  • ghurghust 5 years ago

    Does the link for the game that you post is free?i search it for very long time :-(

  • conster63 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for 8,500 views guys 😀

  • Controlle88 5 years ago

    Ok thanks

  • conster63 5 years ago

    Not that I am aware of, sorry :/ To get the newer version you would have to buy the game.

  • Controlle88 5 years ago

    Is there any way to download a newer version of the game (which supports car mods)?

  • conster63 5 years ago

    Download link is in the description :)

  • DENIS CARABAS 5 years ago

    Where downloand this game?

  • XModHunterX 5 years ago

    Thanks 😀

  • conster63 5 years ago

    Oh, sorry about that. It was working a few days ago.. The 1.2.4 patch doesn’t work with the crack. I can’t find a crack for 1.2.4 :/ Updated the description with new link :)