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  • Mitchell Rosher 5 years ago

    I’m using a 18 degree Cleveland Mashie (two models back from the Classic). Have the stock mizayaki regular shaft and I feel like its got the workability but witjpretty good forgiveness aswell. If my Mashie is anything to go by, then the classic must be a ripper!

  • Paul Handford 5 years ago

    great hybrid most forgiving i have hit and great ball flight

  • MrJash3 5 years ago

    Mark I would love to see some Adams golf reviews the super S would be interesting to see

  • BubbaWatsonfan15 5 years ago

    What camera do you use?

  • mark moonlight 5 years ago

    Mark Please give this some thought. Since you do great equipment reviews. It would be very helpful if you would do golf Course testing. Get a full bag of clubs, Driver, Fairway wood, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and a putter All from the same company. And play at least 10 rounds then review the whole bag. Kinda a long term test to see how everything performed.

  • Kailer Rundiks 5 years ago

    You should change your intro it looks and sounds weired.

  • Ryu K. 5 years ago

    FJ contour casual!!! looks great, but I prefer the adidas.

  • Matt Clark 5 years ago

    Hi mark, just wondering if I need a hybrid in my bag? I’ve been thinking of getting one but don’t know if their a must need or no need. Would appreciate if you could shine some light on this

  • Clemens Jürgen 5 years ago

    i love my willy!

  • Joseph Perez 5 years ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but those glide rails are to help the player hit it out of tough lies.

  • Graeme Mann 5 years ago

    Ya I use the 20.5 last years model and it works great.

  • Bluecrew27 5 years ago

    Hey, I just started a blog to chronicle my journey to become a scratch golfer. If you could please just give it a look I’d appreciate it and hey you might even enjoy it! Thanks, site is bluecrew27 . wordpress . com

  • ripyerballs 5 years ago

    Cleveland make great clubs, I am a big fan of Cleveland clubs, The only thing I would say is they don’t hold there value as well as the top 4 brands, but if you find they work for you why would you sell them anyway,

  • Jin C 5 years ago

    I believe Mark is saying “let’s get stuck in!”

  • Cailean H 5 years ago

    Hey mark loving the videos! Quick question what is the little tag line or phrase you always say before your intro video?

  • aaron sinclaire 5 years ago

    could we have some videos aimed at amature golfers on a budget in what to buy what to stear clear from as a few golf shops ive been to are quite pushy and dont want to give me alot of help unless i was willing to spend £500 on irons, can you help

  • des daish 5 years ago

    Hi Mark. Can you do a Yonex review ?

  • iweuhierden 5 years ago

    The only club in my bag I hook is my hybrid. 23 degree adams idea pro. Stiff shaft. I dont get it.

  • Daniel Rossi 5 years ago

    Black R1 review! jk, but glad to see equipment videos again, still think you should review some driving irons especially since the 712u is out

  • Chris Schmidt 5 years ago

    Cleveland irons are all that is worth buying from that manufacturer… I’m all for Adams hybrids only!!

  • Jayar Hawley 5 years ago

    I use the Cleveland Mashi 18*and 23*. Last years model of the same club. I love them. Consistent ball flight and distance.

  • bucketlist2016 5 years ago

    I like the sound

  • cougar1234c 5 years ago

    that’s so the GC2 hmt device can pick up the data of each shot

  • Steven Teo 5 years ago

    what’s with the dots on the heel and toe of the clubface?

  • ram2412 5 years ago

    I use the Cleveland Mashie Hybrid…this club looked like the Mashie only painted black. The Mashie has an extremely light shaft…not sure what shaft this hybrid comes with. Bottom line is, I love my Mashie hybrid and would look at Cleveland again for future hybrid clubs.