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disc-golf accuracy shots by the israeli disc-golf champ.

michael elsner israeli disc golf champion 2007 open 2009 disc-golf session with great shots, in a garden under construction near is house (his own disc-golf …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • RollYourRock 4 years ago

    Your welcome… Mike does a great job in this video.

  • jrdotel 4 years ago

    Thank you!! So much!

  • Arthur Haverkamp 4 years ago

    Footfault!! at 1.23 hehehe

  • Peter Disbury 4 years ago

    This sport would be awesome on every continent except for Antartica that would be sort of chilly but hey with wind breakers etc maybe. I this place, that is under development, a new and up and coming course? Keep on ispiring I know I am!

  • eeky1234 4 years ago

    Yo!! I just moved to Tel Aviv and I’m looking for some people to golf with!! Email me!


  • mikithepioneer 4 years ago

    many thanks!
    ill keep up with the good job

  • sbhk1 4 years ago

    hey michael, I am one of the kids you met in Kikar Rabin. These are some impressive shots you got there.
    You bring pride to Israel.
    Keep up with the good job !

  • mikithepioneer 4 years ago

    i play everyday and teach as many as i can each daynot only discgolf also boomerang

  • MrBeasty015 4 years ago

    Way to break it out over there in Israel man. Keep it up!

  • mikithepioneer 4 years ago


  • faustobass 4 years ago

    Very cool video! It’s always nice to see how this game is played in other parts of the world. Your form is very good and the video is well shot. Thanks for sharing with us other disc freaks!