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How to adjust your Cure RX1, RX2, or RX3 putter for a complete custom fit.

In Golf, your putter is the most Important club in your bag. The best putter is the one that fits you and helps you putt more consistently.

Cure putters are fully customizable with an adjustable lie angle, interchangeable shafts and huge range of weight combinations. Whether you are, tall, short, left or right handed, you can get a custom putter fitting in just a few minutes.

Additionally, Cure Putters all have an extremely High Moment of Inertia (MOI) which makes them incredibly stable and forgiving on off center hits. This translates to a better putting stroke, improved distance control and is key to helping you make more putts.

Cure Putters have a Higher MOI than the leading mallets and full adjustability to find the exact setup that works best for you. Right and left handed putters are available in all models. Center shafted models can be converted from right to left handed by removing the shaft.

With a custom fit, ideal weight and better roll, no other putter offers you the performance and versatility of a Cure Putter.

Golf instructors and retailers find a huge benefit by being able to custom fit any golfer in minutes and show them immediate improvement.

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