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Another video of a disc golf instructional series presented by Innova Champion Discs. Dave Dunipace (President of Innova Champion Discs) talks about a sidear…
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  • moptop1316 5 years ago

    shows how much this guy knows. Pretty sure everybody does karate

  • lajuiceman 5 years ago

    what disc would you recommend for a side arm driver. i have had the wraith before and i liked it alot.

  • JuicinaPeach 5 years ago

    I actually only use one finger throwing side arm as well. I throw a Teerex and its a tank. The snap is honestly where your power starts though.

  • juffan 5 years ago

    Does he not snap his wrist then? If you stop your throw too hard you’ll get tennis elbow

  • briancbrown1977 5 years ago

    Am i the only one that finds release much smoother with only one finger under the disc and one on the bottom of the rim?

  • tanner schmidt 5 years ago

    please post this. i would love to see this bullshit flick your talking about.

  • SirVixIsVexed 5 years ago

    I’m the same way, I can throw backhand but not as powerful or accurate as sidearm, and I also use only one finger where most sidearm throwers use two or some even three, and flutter was somehow never ever an issue. Sidearm is also IMO easier to make S curves with very stable discs like the boss…but there’s no right or wrong throwing style, it’s only wrong if you’re actually hurting yourself haha

  • stovesnstuff 5 years ago

    only on a slow speed disc are you correct

  • unLOVEYY 5 years ago

    Most people don’t do karate.

  • TexasRobert1 5 years ago

    It’s interesting how styles are so different in this game. My sidearm style is nothing like this, yet it is my key throw and I can easily throw 350′ with great accuracy.

  • banburycross23 5 years ago

    this dude is an innova sponsored pro who carries a rating pushing 1000 as a senior grand master. You can see just from how smooth his release is that he is throwing without flutter or turning his discs over. oh and 620′ throwing any way you want is nonsenseshenanigansbullshit.

  • Homie0809 5 years ago

    I throw side arm alot and so far my max distance on flat ground is around 450 but alot of it has to do with what you are throwing. My favorite to throw side arm would be the Tee Rex or a Boss. I throw like im throwing a fast ball, i turn my body sideways and use an x step but for accuracy i face the basket, keep my disc completely flat and snap the shit out of it.

  • scuddy10195 5 years ago

    620 huh? I’d like to see that. Maybe you could post a video.

  • James Cole 5 years ago

    i would have to disagree with this dude. it’s not the stop of the wrist that snaps the disc. If you lock up your wrist you will not get the snap needed to make that disc spin fast enough to go long distances. it’s the sudden stop of the forearm with a follow through with your wrist. I usually sidearm around 620ft on a good day. Everything else dave mentions is right on but not the sudden stop of the wrist. this will cause your disc to flutter and become way understable.

  • Richard Smith 5 years ago

    I need info.

  • tehbeast1987 5 years ago

    I just got back into DG after a 4 year hiatus. Even then I didn’t drive real well. I love Innova discs and have been working on sidearm over back hand. I have bowled for over 12 years so I have built up a ton of strength and sidearm is closer to that motion for me. With no approach and just flicking I am at about 135-150ft. Backhand falls about 20-30ft short and feels really uncomfortable and like I have no control. Hopefully more practice in a field by my house will improve my distance.

  • Adrien Eberhardt 5 years ago

    One very windy day I was at the 10th in McClain in Texas I lost my Valkyrie the wind took it way up into the air I want to say about 90ft but this was entirely my fault I miscalculated my sidearm and well you can say it was ‘Gone with the Wind’ just about 2 weeks later I get a call from some fellow disc golfer saying he found my disc. It’s a good thing to have your name and number on your disc folks.

  • DetroitConey 5 years ago

    hes right, most people dont know karate, Love Innova Discs especially the monster and t-rex

  • nesnejls 5 years ago

    He is awesome this geezer.  Thanks mate.

  • Mike Valerio 5 years ago

    this guy is the shit

  • mrladiesman99 5 years ago

    I throw sidearm and get really good rolls when it lands

  • countryboy5651 5 years ago

    I use this type of throw and get it at least 245 feet

  • Michael Thielen 5 years ago

    I’ve played disc for a long time but could never throw a sidarm over 150 ft. I can throw a backhand really well. Every time I try to learn sidearm I end up hurting my elbow and I stop trying for a couple weeks. I’ve never been able to improve it. I’ve played casually since i was a kid.

  • mac423 5 years ago

    same here man… been working on my bh, but im much more accurate forehand on drives. Ive noticed that BH does get me a nice distance boost when i get it right.

  • Chad Irvine 5 years ago

    I started out backhand, switched to forehand and relied on it so heavily all i can do backhand now is putt… i can’t get it back either…. it’s horrible