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Design a Golf Course (Pt.1)  | SketchUp Show #62 (Tutorial)

Use SketchUp to create a golf hole complete with fairway, tee boxes, and green. MORE TUTORIALS:

Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Golf Course Pond!

This video was shot on a golf course on the coast of South Carolina. Some tarpon must have come through the spillway during a high tide such as this one, and…
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  • Itswalrus 3 years ago
  • SketchUp School 3 years ago
  • cbr0oks 3 years ago
  • SSBelmont 3 years ago

    Fly Fishing for Tarpon in a pond? You have to see this to believe it!

  • Earl Otsuka 3 years ago

    That is the coolest thing ever. So jealous. Out here in California, the
    only thing at golf courses are douche-bags. :)

  • Immanuel Can 3 years ago

    Keep the rod down and strip-set your hook hard with your left hand, and
    you’ll get a lot more positive tarpon hooks. Wait until you feel the fish
    pull back on your left hand before slamming the hook home. Tarpons have
    hard mouths.

  • Fishingallday31 3 years ago

    Killer vid! 

  • fakinpwned 3 years ago

    Very jealous. Looks so fun

  • Joe Derer 3 years ago

    way cool…

  • camomaster94 3 years ago

    Kars park golf course ponds hold snook an poon 

  • Roel Benitez 3 years ago

    Do they let u fish there

    And if they do how is their fish

  • Emilie Thornhill 3 years ago

    the landings @16

  • tatsuya727jp 3 years ago

    it is the animation which is very interesting because fishing at the golf
    course is
    prohibition in japan

  • George Pusey 3 years ago

    hey people break rules in America its not animation fool

  • Roel Benitez 3 years ago

    But nice catch