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Big John talks about Etiquette on the Disc Golf Course Facebook – Twitter – …

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  • interceptfist 5 years ago

    good points in this vid.
    dg is getting more popular, and more people dont know these things.
    I’m always stuck behind big groups who dont give a damn.

  • matt homan 5 years ago

    hell yea hit me up we will hit holly and golden rod

  • GoHamDiscGolf 5 years ago

    awesome! After the winter passes through and it warms up here I plan to take a road trip so Ill definitely stop in Flint

  • matt homan 5 years ago

    hey Big John im from the flint area if you ever wanna come down and play some of the courses down here hit me up im allways wanting to play and playing with new people is allways a blast

  • GoHamDiscGolf 5 years ago

    @tjoshbennett1 101 subs, looks like im giving a bag away!

  • Nick Kohn 5 years ago

    talking or walking around during someones drive or putts is something that i would mention. i know people that get really pissed even in casual play. also screaming obscenities and such can be really annoying especially when it gets excessive (though that should go without saying)

  • tjoshbennett1 5 years ago

    woo! i need a new bag!

  • GoHamDiscGolf 5 years ago

    @swishablowa420 right, i always wanna smack at least one kid everytime i play during peak hours

  • Dirty Mitten 5 years ago

    Good video! Some of these kids need to learn a little respect.