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Ben and Tom driving the disc for maximum distance and accuracy! The process of learning how to drive the disc through the stages of learning.This video foota…
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  • Margie Deckard 3 years ago

    This is a very good video and I can’t wait to play myself. I am a beginner

  • Tom Tommy 3 years ago

    They way he took those long 11 steps to count off that drive to the basket
    at 2 feet per step, I wonder how long he says his talleywacker is?

  • MrJenkems 3 years ago

    very good improvement, beginning of the video was pretty funny reminded me
    of when i first started throwing (hitting the sign was epic lol) But by the
    4 minute mark you were throwing low, flat and starting to average around
    200 ft or so per drive and that is a damn fine improvement over 6 weeks,
    keep up the good work!

  • 1122anthony1 3 years ago

    Dude i didnt even suckk this bad my first time…this guy suckks ballss!!!

  • foxcore074 3 years ago

    haha 230 foot….DRIVE lol nice voice over

  • jarz12 3 years ago

    O.K. I have to say thanks guys, this is the funniest thing Ive seen in
    years. I cant remember when ive laughed so hard. This is now in my fav.
    places again thanks

  • Neil Omalley 3 years ago

    That’s a pretty large improvement

  • Jennifer Young 3 years ago

    I hit the tree’s today.

  • Bromatron 3 years ago

    drugs? i have no explanation for what i just saw

  • Ethan Warren 3 years ago

    that was a pretty funny voice over. very good progress, keep practicing and
    youll be throwing long in no time. Ive only been playing for a year and a
    half and can throw 400+ ft now, but im not very accurate lol

  • adramatictheme . 3 years ago

    great improvement,

  • Eric Roche 3 years ago

    It just takes time and practice you will get there, I been playing for 3
    yrs and I been playing with alot of pros lately and won my second Icebowl
    Tournament in the north, and came in top 10 at am worlds, so its practice
    practice practice, and have fun, Dont let the druggies bring you down i bet
    they still suck.

  • Therightwayto 3 years ago

    I think thats what he needs

  • Grant Roberts 3 years ago

    damn you guys are gonna be professionals at the end of this. lol, that was

  • wharpig 3 years ago

    the beginning of this video was funny, hitting the tree and sign was great.
    a huge improvement over the 6 weeks. Atleast they stuck with it, not
    everyone can come out and throw a disc 300ft when they first start playing.

  • judozuna 3 years ago

    230ft? are you serious? stop using all those drivers and start with a
    midrange or putter. Most disc golfers with average abalities can throw a
    midrange at least close to 300ft and you would probably be getting more
    distance and developing better form instead of compensating for those fast
    overstable drivers before you have the arm for them. It’ll come eventually
    just don’t jump ahead too much and ruine your form.

  • Niven42 3 years ago

    Man, I know exactly what this feels like. I’m just now getting to where I
    can throw off the tee. Thanks for the vid, guys!

  • Daniel Schmidt 3 years ago

    he gettin holes in one at the end?

  • sorandomitscrazy 3 years ago

    The main course that I play most of the holes are around 300ft one is
    400ft, and I throw a Midrange KC Pro Rroc for the entire course. I threw
    consistently straight shots, and cosistently threw a 4 on each hole. So a
    midrange isnt a bad disk to start with, and I would probably suggest them
    to any begginer before using a driver.

  • Matt G 3 years ago

    No need to be a douche. And I would drop that number down to around 200 ft.
    In order for people to like this sport they don’t need people like you
    putting them down when they are just starting. We have all been there.

  • marshie1337 3 years ago

    i bet you guys are crushing them these days. i remember when i was there ;p

  • LuuKen 3 years ago

    reachback and followthrou..

  • tjtomax 3 years ago

    have you ever been outside before?

  • jesse9blue 3 years ago

    what corse is this and were is it??

  • SteweeG 3 years ago

    He could have saved a lot of time by telling them to not think about the
    release. It will rip out of your hand with plenty of spin in the right
    direction if you just “grip it and rip it”. Goes to show what can be
    achieved in a day though. Never be put off by your first wobbly steps into
    disc golf.

  • Ryan Townsend Golf 3 years ago

    Fast cars and women hahaha

  • Rick Shiels PGA 3 years ago

    Improving Accuracy Inside 140 Yards.
    To help reduce score and handicap. 

  • John White 3 years ago

    We play darts in America, but we’re usually too drunk to be any good at it!