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Seven disc golf pros show you their techniques for distance drives.

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  • VisibleLight2013 5 years ago

    Centered Core good info relaxed is def unsaid in that statement, Thanks Good form Peter

  • pecosRoy 5 years ago

    could any of these guys throw 400’+ with a super pro disc?

  • bookman09 5 years ago

    me and my friends met up with a group that had a 12 year old withm and he was whoopin ther ass hah its good to c younger ppl get into the sport (im talking like im old hah)

  • weebee833 5 years ago

    Robbie is so light on his feet – his footwork is incredible. His body has so much momentum through his drive, it wants to keep spinning. With all that torque, he somehow manages to stay centered. Smh

  • Matt Williams 5 years ago

    Here’s another comment about George Lucas playing disc golf

  • iDylDubstep 5 years ago

    ESP is a type of plastic discraft makes their discs in, I think it’s a pretty durable one used for drivers to prevent wear.

  • newboldspawn 5 years ago

    ten to fifty thousand a year for top pros that tour

  • David Johns 5 years ago

    This is useful…. so, x step, center core (level arms across chest), and mad practice (visualizing it) and doing it does it. Well I’m off to Terrace Creek, to give it a throw. BTW being a newbie and all. what is ESP disc? cheers

  • Sepilaku 5 years ago

    about 17€ but i dont know how much is it on Dollar$ : – )

  • Jaakko Heikura 5 years ago

    ani = anhyzer flip

  • StronMusic 5 years ago

    Convince your friends to start aswell, i´m trying to get my gf into the sport but she feels the same way as you do:)

  • bennoyes05 5 years ago

    hyzer flip = ani?

  • bennoyes05 5 years ago


  • laceybarbie5 5 years ago

    wish there were more girls playing. Im the only one around my area =(

  • merri205555 5 years ago

    How much does professional disc golf pay

  • Kurrency21 5 years ago

    What is the name of the winner?

  • TheInnovaBoss 5 years ago

    Im 14 and can throw 350 consistantly. And these guys are right par 5 400 ft. The fairway better be lined by something.

  • cpjackson79 5 years ago

    I’d love to see these guys or a similar group do a revision to this video with Nukes and Forces.

  • ryhatz 5 years ago

    OK OK, there were a few annies at 4:43 and 7:09 and 7:45 but 7:45 is just a rear view replay of the 7:09 throw that they showed the front cam. All the rest were hyzer flips. lol

  • ryhatz 5 years ago

    Then as the disc decelerates and looses its extreme spin, it eventually will fade back to the left unless it runs out of air and crashes into the ground with quite a bit of momentum remaining due to throwing uphill.

  • ryhatz 5 years ago

    These are not anhyzer or hyzer. These are hyzer flips. They are aiming way out the left and releasing the discs either flat for the real stable ones or tipped down as much as 45 degrees for the less stables. The discs come out so fast that the understables “flip” up and ride flat with so much speed and spin that they become temporarily understable at those high speeds and turn right.

  • michael blackketter 5 years ago

    perfect explanation, good job sir

  • ImGetnSwole22 5 years ago

    More vids!!!!!!!!!!

  • midwestsoccerman 5 years ago

    Im responsible for at least 100 views of this video

  • Doublehawk2L2Q 5 years ago

    some are anny’s some hyzers. because it’s hard to see the angle of the disc on release the best way to tell is by looking at the plane of the shoulders on release and the follow through of the arm. When throwing a hyzer the chest leans forward and the shoulders are more parallel with the ground. Upon release the arm follows through towards the sky. Anhyzers are essentially the opposite.