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  • The Indonesia Channel 3 years ago
  • Simon Barnard 3 years ago

    Rick, really enjoyed the voice over commentary on that shot where audio
    failed. Maybe worth considering for recovery / different shots as I think
    the info you gave was probably richer that the live audio it replaced and
    the clip was the better for it. Just a thought, thanks for the vlogs, I
    really enjoy them. 

  • don blem 3 years ago

    If Sam came to you guys for lessons, would you suggest he doesn’t stand so
    far away from the ball or would you just leave that alone? He strikes it
    very well..
    Entertaining vlog btw :-)

  • Golfguy076 3 years ago

    Looks like Sam’s a bit of a bandit!

  • fullwerkes 3 years ago

    To go with todays cut throat society sack +Peter Finch Golf ! lol :)

  • Martin Moore 3 years ago

    Loving your course vlogs rick. Best on YouTube. Thanks Martin Ps congrats
    on the new arrival to the sheils household. 

  • Joseph Bernal 3 years ago

    Sam played the best golf of his life!

  • siege159 3 years ago

    I picked up last years version of the Adams driving iron, the Super DHy
    18*, and love it. So easy to hit for being such a low lofted club

  • a GamePlaya 3 years ago

    Pete, that shot was so fat, I would call it obese.

  • Justin M 3 years ago

    What colors do the markers mean in the UK? Here the whites are what I play
    and are the first after womens then blue / black / gold.

  • redlinejcw 3 years ago

    Tight match. Great shot Pete! This video feels like watching my own games.
    Well positioned off the tee, can’t find the green with the short club in my

  • Rick Shiels PGA 3 years ago

    SALE GOLF CLUB 4 BALL MATCH Part 2 with @PFgolfPro @MattFryerGolf at