Added by on 2013-05-28 Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre and Canadian PGA Teaching Professional, shows you how to perfect y…
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  • clemshaw 5 years ago

    3 wood is just a wider bottom to skip with or a wider blade to cut across the grass with; Driver off the deck is much easier than you think! See first “swing plane update shawn clement” to make sure you are setting up properly and then see “grass whip shawn clement” and “grass whip on course strategies shawn..”

  • bloatedman 5 years ago

    I needed a 3 wood drill. Please and thank you

  • Michael Clausen 5 years ago

    i just made a golf channel, would appriciate you to check it out

  • clemshaw 5 years ago

    You will see the same fundamentals but a steady evolution in my game; you can always found on your swing evolving through the years! :) Shawn

  • glesgaphysics 5 years ago

    Shawn, is that a Titleist 908F you’re hitting? Sounds a lot like it…and mine!

    Also, I’ve been watching you swing the club for 5 years. Your swing now seems different from this 2007 swing. Have you made conscious changes in this time as you’ve been doing your videos?

    You were kind to reply to my email back in 2008. I’m down to 6 and still learning from you so thanks for your efforts. Sadly the YouTube trolls still exist but you do well not to retaliate.

    Cheers from sunny/rainy Glasgow!

  • Kim Philby 5 years ago

    I would like to buy their videos, but is in Spanish?

  • MASSgolf7007 5 years ago

    Like if you noticed the red tee markers.

  • watertonrivers 5 years ago

    I’m 58, I’ve got a R11-S driver, come try to out drive me with your 3 wood, ain’t gonna happen!!

  • edmund kim 5 years ago

    Hi shawn, I’ve been watching your videos over and over and I am just starting to feel like things are starting to make sense. It was a video on release that especially made me feel what I was doing wrong and how I needed to swing instead. But it made me wonder, you say that you don’t release the club until after impact, which makes sense, however, with your drivers and fairway woods where the ball is to your left, does that mean that release comes later in your swing versus an iron swing?

  • clemshaw 5 years ago

    See 2 videos for this: “Swing plane update; shawn clement” and “Weak grip or strong grip” which will go very well with “Farm Hammer” Shawn

  • unholybadge95 5 years ago

    Hey Shawn! i have started using your swing technique with the heavy hammer and all of that, and i have excellent ball contact, although i have a tendency to slice the ball sometimes, especially with fairwaywoods. Help!
    By the way, love your videos :)

  • clemshaw 5 years ago

    Different strokes for different folks; but you should have a look at a few more of my videos before passing judgement; I have 215 to choose from right now…Scott’s channel has none; so I don’t know how to compare what he does vs what I do; or what he does to help the game apart from running his golf teaching business…

  • newbound102 5 years ago

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  • BeauregardL 5 years ago

    prefer Scott Cranfield. Nothing wrong with this teacher, I just “get” Scott’s lessons more.

  • PresenceCreative 5 years ago

    Sounded great

  • Mox_au 5 years ago

    that sounded long

  • acershund1 5 years ago

    Shawn.. U R an AWESOME Teacher. U explain what why & how very clearly. We R lucky to have U on U Tube,

  • clemshaw 5 years ago

    well yes! What you are seeing here is from January 12, 2007! I learn and improve all the time as well! :) The 4 wood you see here is going 250; it is now going 265-270; and this is what the pump will do for most of my students; one club more in distance and a reduction in effort so it is easier to repeat;
    Great comment! Shawn

  • pulpotomy 5 years ago

    Shawn, Love your videos and I have your dvd’s. Great stuff. I notice that you are not dipping your head with the fairway wood like you do with the irons. I think you called it a centripetal pump. I thought it was important to add power to the swing.

  • David Schultz 5 years ago

    holy cow great sound and contact. i hope mine sound like that. 

  • bigben7333 5 years ago

    hey shawn,im having problems topping the ball while using my 3 wood or not hitting it square, is there anything i can do to improve that?

  • PapiMorsa 5 years ago

    Love your videos. Quick question. Your main focus in your other videos is in releasing energy and club out to the target and not worrying about the ball ot swatting at the ball directly. In this video you refer to the focus being on the skimming the ground. With the fairway metal (and possibly driver) do you still also focus on the target or is the main focus skimming the ground in front of the ball. Please help clarify. THANKS.

  • clemshaw 5 years ago

    Thanks Andrew!

  • clemshaw 5 years ago

    My latest remedy for this is “Golf Pro lesson the insanity of golf” and you can also see “golf pro lesson timing and tempo”;

  • xxxnewbreedxxx 5 years ago

    this guy is good, you know it always seems to happen that everytime I try and learn a new tip, I always seem to forget it on the driving range and end up trying to kill the ball