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Fat Shots


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  • Thumper15 3 years ago

    Amazing! Very well presented, easy to see & understand. Thanks Rick!

  • tigerbalm 3 years ago

    You can’t fix more than 1 thing at a time…player has to master each
    lesson before fixing something new. I know because I try to show my
    firends something and they effing forget it the next time, repeating the
    bad habits. Never try to teach a lazy person either! They never practice
    or motivated to improve, ie peeps who never go to teh range!

  • Ryan Kwon 3 years ago

    Hey Rick, do you mind answering a simple question? Should the golf swing be
    controlled primarily with the left hand or the right hand or both? Thx

  • Eoin O' Callaghan 3 years ago

    Great video. Really clear and articulate! :-)

  • James Heaton 3 years ago

    His swing looks to have a lot of potential, just needs tweaking and I bet
    he will get down to a 17/18 handicap in no time 

  • Rick Shiels PGA 3 years ago

    Fixing Fat Golf Shots Lesson. Sometimes its not what you expect the fix to

  • John White 3 years ago

    I’m addicted to your lesson videos. Learn something new every time.

  • Justin Kurth 3 years ago

    Great vid Rick. I’m a lot like Rob in the after shots, minus the weak
    grip. Whats the next step to get him coming into impact with hands ahead
    of the ball? Thx

  • MacClellandMan 3 years ago

    This was a very helpful tip to me. Thanks, Rick.

  • Teamtempo82 3 years ago

    Great video.. I’ve been having the same issues, I will be putting your
    advise to work ASAP 

  • shawn199500 3 years ago

    Rick what is a good drill or fix for someone who takes the club inside
    straight away on the back swing. I have tried to have them go back on a
    straight line for 6 to 12 inches before they turn. Trouble is they do it
    twice and go straight back to what they were doing?