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Started playing golf recently, what a great game, anyway, here’s how to build a backyard driving range to practice your swing technique, personally, I have b…
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  • PoolBoysTX1 5 years ago

    Jeff Foxworthy would love your video…

  • Rick Jones 5 years ago

    Get the old lady out there swingin! 😛

  • Mike OD 5 years ago

    if you just started, study moe normans swing, not ben hogans. I have to make some videos just played the other day 9 holes, hit every single shot straight as an arrow, no slice, no fade, no draw and no hooks, BTW I scored a mat net and auto return feed for 25 bucks…craigslist :)

  • Mike OD 5 years ago


  • Rick Jones 5 years ago

    If you had the lower 4 feet slightly angled back to you somehow then it would be a built in ball return too? Click, click..idea….coming… I just started into golf too, us old guys rule!

  • JoScoNathan 5 years ago

    Nice. Keep swinging.

  • skyliner33alb 5 years ago

    good job man !

  • mcannfreak 5 years ago

    saves you a lot of trouble going down to get your golf balls

  • Mike OD 5 years ago

    I’ve been blasting away at it with my driver all day, so far so good, alot of fun having one to practice swingin with

  • mcannfreak 5 years ago

    wow, works great lot better than you would think, great idea