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Learn to cure a fat shot and golf tips for beginners in this free instructional video series on golf technique and curing your golf swing. Expert: Jay Golden…
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Fat Shots


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  • alexavwenz 5 years ago

    this clown isn’t a pga pro. he’s an idiot.

  • ccox021686 5 years ago

    Captain obvious

  • monsoon56 5 years ago

    his tip on hittin it further is the best

  • LifeOnUranus 5 years ago

    absolutely spot on…don’t be swayed by the jokes. this guy is a master.

  • William Bush 5 years ago

    Jay Golden is on the PGA’s national teaching committee. He is also considered golf’s “funnyman”.

  • William Bush 5 years ago

    I laughed so hard after reading your comment. Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

  • russdargento1 5 years ago

    worst instructional video i have ever seen. . . wow

  • Okesupinus 5 years ago

    its one of the worst shots in golf

  • eckhardt092 5 years ago

    fucking cunt..

  • David Schultz 5 years ago

    if you’re gonna use penick as a teaching reference, do it right. the only reason people hit back of the ball is they didn’t transfer weight to their forward leg. hence, replant the heel and bring the trailing elbow back to your side. everyone should give the little red book a read. it’s quick, and if it doesn’t help, big deal.

  • xvirg 5 years ago

    I hit the ball better on the driving range that I do on the course, so the next time I play a round, I’m going to use driving range balls and see if I can lower my score, ha ha.

  • JAKEHARRIS281 5 years ago

    What I do is put a tee 3 inches away from the ball lined up with the front of the ball where you want to impact the ball. And after you hit the shot look down and the beginning of your divot should NOT be before the tee! Best feedback!

  • John Watchpocket 5 years ago

    And next up, How to shoot a hole in one!! … Just aim it at the hole and shoot! and that’s how you shoot a hole in one!!!… I hate expert village

  • baalsyrup 5 years ago

    I saw this guy at the Troubadour. He was awesome.

  • gregrutz 5 years ago

    There was no tip in there at all. Basically you said, in order to not hit the ball fat, don’t hit the ball fat.

  • Izzy Wizzy 5 years ago

    how to cure a fat shot: dont hit a fatshot… chee thx

  • William Bush 5 years ago

    Jay is a PGA member and member of the PGA’s national teaching committee

  • viola128 5 years ago

    i think is the eye co ordination. Just like when hitting out of the bunker, we should keep our eyes looking behind the ball, not at the ball so that we could sweep the sand. So, just keep your eyes aiming a bit in front of the ball, it works for me although not all the time…..
    this is not an instructional video clip??? I need him to tell me how to do it????

  • metphmet 5 years ago

    I suggest to play without ball and just hit the ground.

  • webbum 5 years ago

    That wasn’t a cure video!

  • LKskateNC 5 years ago

    LOL its true

  • Ben Blackshaw 5 years ago

    hitting down on it creates backspin and creates a divot, that’s all i do and it works every time, creating loft aswell.

  • jd4286 5 years ago

    OR… you could actually fix the move that causes fat shots, the casting/scooping move from the top of the backswing. But I’m sure he knew that and just forgot to mention it.

  • tflinn22 5 years ago

    There was no tip in there at all. Basically you said, in order to not hit the ball fat, don’t hit the ball fat.