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Galapagos on a budget, by funny golf ball BoB (Galapagos the cheap way, with tips) Travel guide

For tips how to do Galapagos on a budget click here:

This video shows BoB and his friends on Galapagos. He visited Isla Santa Cruz, Isla Isabela, Isla San Cristobal and saw giant tortoise, sea lions, sea turtles, land and marine iguanas, sharks, octopus, lots of fish, beautiful landscape and many more!

YOU can visit Galapagos on a budget! Galapagos the cheap way!
Best tips for Galapagos

Watch in Full HD!
Filmed with the GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. Only video cutting program: Windows Movie Maker
Thanks for watching!

Follow golf ball BoB on his travel around the world. This funny golf ball has his own travel blog. The coolest golf ball ever!

Music: Immediate Music – Surrender to Hope

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