Added by on 2013-04-14 Learn two key factors in maximizing the distance you get from your golf swing. Tour player and long time Ritson-Sole st…
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2010 WFDF World Distance Champ Dion Arlyn teaches you how he gets maximum distance out of today’s high speed disc golf drivers like NUKE and Force. He threw …




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  • Adam Hall 5 years ago

    Hey Mel, i have been widening my arc but i have been noticing that i have been hitting the ball really high. i really cant tell if i have been getting more distance because its so cold but i find it very hard to control my swing when im widening my arc anytips ? thanks you.

  • Chipinjack 5 years ago

    Being small is not hurting Simon Dyson !!

  • golfschools 5 years ago

    Glad I could hel Liam, that’s really great. Spread the word!

  • Liam091294 5 years ago

    Watched this video last week and went to the range today and boy did it help, I am hitting the ball an extra 30 yards further with the driver, great tip, and by the way what a swing that boy has very powerful for small stature.

  • engelsseele2 5 years ago

    Huh I throw like Rob. To me that always made sense and was comfortable and offered me the best throw possible for both distance and accuracy… my brother does a side toss that can get some real distance to it. A style I never could learn. We would go to a foot ball stadium to throw discs. In highschool we had a freeze bee toss for farthest distance. With three throws I threw longer than a foot ball field on average.

  • stephbisson 5 years ago

    Dion mentions body conditioning but I can’t find any videos that talk about drills or exercises I can do to improve my arm speed or body speed. It’d make a great video Dion 😉

  • Gene Fury 5 years ago

    thanks, I was about to throw in the towel in due to my lack of distance…will work on this tip…(pun intended)

  • Mrtoogood91 5 years ago

    nuke under stable?

  • crackarocka 5 years ago

    lol old man from the 70’s 

  • crackarocka 5 years ago

    he mentions nothing of wrist snap…. i get more distance from just snapping my wrist then all the power i have ever tried more snap less running on pad equals more control for me. and for beginners don’t jump on trying this until you get comfortable first. but for me its grip,fluid movement , and snap which is where the power comes from snap old man from the 70’s told me that and he drives like this guy but noooooooooooooo effort

  • truints 5 years ago

    I throw a 2 finger grip. Nothing like robs, I can out throw all of you. You just don’t use the right technique. It’s so simple.

  • TexasRobert1 5 years ago

    The ability to throw far is important and is one of the factors that separates a novice from a pro. Being able to throw more than, say, 300 feet allows more options for driving. For example, you might throw a powerful hyser over a grove of tall trees and land in an open field–impossible if you haven’t mastered proper driving technique. The ability to deliver powerful drives when needed gives you more options and will lower your scores.

  • Trenton Tracy 5 years ago

    Definitely true. I have hit 500′ and struggle with midranges/accuracy in general.

  • arudolph22 5 years ago

    Regular players don’t need to know how to throw 500, 600, 700 feet. That’s silly. We need to know how to throw straight and consistently. I don’t care if you can throw it from Atlanta to Milwaukee.

  • Sockan256 5 years ago

    thankyou, now just to ttry this out for real then : P

  • Natalie Waite 5 years ago

    It still surprise me, how a lot of people do not know about Golfonax Training Program (just google it), even though many people improve their golf skills with this training program. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Golfonax Training Program, I’ve improve the weakest part of my golf game.

  • patrick k 5 years ago

    This is one of the best videos on youtube for learning distance. I started playing almost a year ago last febuary and cause of this video I can through about 450 feet. Its not 700+ but I can keep up with most people on the course. there are four parts of this video that are very important to distance: 1:08 the grip – 3:09 using your body – 4:52 arm speed – 6:42 use of a towl

  • Sirspeedly 5 years ago

    Without getting all flame-y, ele7en1, you’re just plain wrong. Given that a disc does not hit the ground before it flexes back out to fade, it will *always* fade. Turnover shots are nothing more than turns that run out of height. You can throw an understable disc literally vertically off of a mountain, and it will eventually turn back over counterclockwise (for a RHBH throw) and fade back left, provided it doesn’t hit the ground first.

  • ATurtlePuncher 5 years ago

    please tell me you’re not really that ignorant. How you throw the disc has EVERYTHING to do with how it flies. Yes you are correct that throwing a very understable disc on an anyhyzer probably wont come back assuming you are a decent player, but throwing that same disc on a good sized hyzer and i guarantee it will level out and fade left

  • cscottmitts 5 years ago

    argue argue argue argue argue

  • ele7ven1 5 years ago

    It’s nothing to do with how I throw anything. It’s everything to do with how discs actually work. An understable disc thrown anhyzer will tend to hold that angle. Give it enough rotation and it won’t ever actually fade left.

  • ATurtlePuncher 5 years ago

    I disagree completely, my statement was 100% true, just because YOU personally are not at a great enough altitude for the disc to stand up and fade left does NOT mean it wont, it simply means just that it didn’t have enough time… the fact that Dion’s disc didn’t “appear to to flatten out” was simply that it wasn’t above ground long enough (this time because he threw UPHILL and came in contact with the ground)

  • ele7ven1 5 years ago

    Each disc has a critical trajectory where it will continue to turn right no matter how much time it’s given. You can attribute it mostly to speed, angle, pitch and spin. So with a disc like the Nuke, if you give it massive spin, then even a small anhyzer angle can send it irrecoverably to the right. That said, it did look like the the disc was beginning to flatten out at 0:53 so it’s hard to tell where it would ultimately go.

  • ATurtlePuncher 5 years ago

    Read what he said please, EVERY disc will finish LEFT if given enough time in the air. the reason at 53 seconds it didn’t finish left is because it didn’t have enough time, watch every other shot with the same disc and watch them finish left…

  • Noah Smith 5 years ago

    That flip at 4:47 is insane..

  • smokadagonja23 5 years ago

    pause it at :53 if you dont believe me

  • smokadagonja23 5 years ago

    thats exactly what this guy is going is releasing an understable disc hyzer which is why it goes way left and finishes right

  • smokadagonja23 5 years ago

    5 words: Not if you Hyzer it

  • afranco9 5 years ago

    Is it just me or does this guy look like the Sherminator from American Pie????????/