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Golf Drill Video: Fortunately, the swing that I teach in the Signature Series, when done properly, not only prevents injury but puts you in a position that w…

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  • watertonrivers 5 years ago

    That’s very true and I play my wedge off my left heal and place more weight there too. I hit it very well.

  • 1234etat 5 years ago

    ball position has nothing to do with anything. I’ve seen pro’s say to put a wedge on the front, middle or back foot,… it doesn’t matter…

  • louminary 5 years ago

    C.J., Using the 3/4 swing technique and other tips from your series I am now out-driving and outscoring my playing partners regularly. Before I started the series we were all about even. At 5’5″ and 66 yrs old it’s a real treat to poke a drive twenty yards past three other guys who are all a head taller.

    I think the only point “somebody” needs to get straight is they’re not the teacher.

  • badabingg42 5 years ago

    No, you are wrong!! Remember, ball position is another reason balls are hit fat. Sure, it’s a good drill, but if the ball is not in the proper position, Gary Player or not, a fat shot will still occur. Please get that point straight.