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Golf Drill Video: One of the most common questions we got on our blog is how to avoid hitting those dreaded fat shots. There are a number of things that coul…

A video tutorial on A Guide To Stop Hitting Fat In Golf that will improve your golf technique troubleshooting skills. Learn how to get good at golf technique…
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Fat Shots


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  • strokex1 5 years ago

    that makes sense. Gotta try it. I would love the dvd’s but had a stroke and now on very poor paying disability.

  • stevenash4life 5 years ago


  • Derek McDonaldGolf 5 years ago

    I thought fat shot happen when the weight stays on the back foot and the shaft leans away from the target at impact!

  • naflack 5 years ago

    The explanation for why to have the weight in the balls of your feet is unlike any I’ve heard in here the states…
    It sounds very logical.

  • Mububban23 5 years ago

    …..except the guy in the video is Rickard Strongert….not Jesper Parnevik…..not sure if serious or trolling…..

  • John Rambo 5 years ago

    Jesper Panavik looks like his career has taken a turn for the worse. From PGA Tour pro to VideoJug maker.

  • Brian Puls 5 years ago

    Great advice for any level of golfer.