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Golf Driving Tips: How to Increase Your Driver Distance - National University Golf Academy

Visit today to learn more about training for a career in golf at National University Golf Academy. Grant Halverson, Master Instr…
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  • Anthony McMahon 5 years ago

    Golf Revolution Minds-eye holds the keys to better golf.Get your free package at [ mental training & improving life skills on utube].

  • nugolfacademy 5 years ago

    Hello peejay3. Great question. The instructor in the video, Grant Halverson, does play a cut…so the ball probably started a bit left and cut back to the center. And thank you for the kind words as well.

  • Phil Hurrle 5 years ago

    Good presentation. Did your ball go a little left? Wondering…

  • nugolfacademy 5 years ago

    Thank you for the kind words @Seth.

  • Seth Pech 5 years ago

    wow really good advice!!

  • nugolfacademy 5 years ago

    Let us know how it turned out for you @cigerweed and thank you for the kind words.

  • kay nyne 5 years ago

    great tip “ hear the sound past the ball”

    i’ll try that!