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This is a lesson from PGA Golf Professional Bret Hartman on the fundamentals of chipping a golf ball in your short game. Learn how to chip in golf with this …
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Let Tom Bertrand, author of “The Secret of Hogan’s Swing” take you through John Schlee’s Maximum Golf chipping technique.




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  • Chris Burns 5 years ago

    Best golf instructor ever. #BigDealBRETT

  • paddyandeileen59 5 years ago


  • mark howie 5 years ago

    nice tip bret helping me alot

  • MrA8figureman 5 years ago

    So I just came back from course and the tip keeping he weight shift forward with the top of the body really works. I had the most solid chips I’ve ever had. Thanks

  • MrA8figureman 5 years ago

    Spot on mate

  • GBArmour 5 years ago

    Started doing youtube about two days ago and i am hoping to get big out there but cant without you guys!! Would mean a lot if you guys could go sub, like, and comment on a video! i plan on doing a lot of giveaways once i get bigger a new video is rendering now and should be up in an hour! check out some old videos for the time being thanks guys:)

  • prorobo 5 years ago

    Excellent instructor. These chipping tips are spot on.

  • nige99 5 years ago


  • mf1818 5 years ago


  • Borjis92 5 years ago

    excellent! thanks a lot

  • steven thomson 5 years ago

    well explained, nice work…

  • William Hedley 5 years ago


  • Timir Roy 5 years ago

    good one, will try it.

  • mugiyarto utomo 5 years ago

    we felt educated after watching the game of golf and it is Sagan appealed to me, and once again I thank you

  • Michael Um 5 years ago

    This lesson on chipping would improve my short game. Thanks!

  • 1cheeseisawesome 5 years ago

    hah elongated shaft

  • sawyer637 5 years ago

    Brilliant. Knows what he’s talking about. Superb tips.

  • พงษ์ศักดิ์ อำนวยยนต์ 5 years ago

    Good tips.

  • King Range 5 years ago

    Great tips

  • john doyle 5 years ago

    good tips,pls keep it up,jon.england.

  • Maya Johnson 5 years ago

    Excellent well-explained simple fundamentals. Thanks mate !

  • silowhore 5 years ago

    Damn I thought this was going to be Bret The Hitman Hart……I bet he could chip the shit out it.

  • ambcw 5 years ago

    Good job thanks. This

  • Ed Metzger 5 years ago

    That’s a good lesson – thanks for the drill tip.

  • Graham Parkins 5 years ago

    excellent lesson, many thanks

  • hoganfan924 5 years ago

    Hi Tom, looks just like the Runyan technique

  • sirixonad333 5 years ago

    Great video Tom, really makes a lot of sense to get rid of unwanted unpredicable spin when the ball is rolling towards hole. Kind regards Mike Newman.

  • sirixonad333 5 years ago

    great video Tom, really makes a lot of sense to get rid of unwanted unpredicable spin when the ball is rolling towards hole. Kind regards Mike Newman.

  • sacramentoskip 5 years ago

    How about a video on pitching; please !!

  • sacramentoskip 5 years ago

    Once again, a great video. I wish I could spend a couple of days at your school; I certainly need it.

  • sacramentoskip 5 years ago

    I would sure love to attend your school; thanks for posting these wonderful videos.