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Golf Tips reviews the Cleveland HiBORE Driver Visit or watch Golf Life on FSN.
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  • avfc12321 5 years ago

    i have this driver 10.5 degree as im only 24 h/c i am 15 but i can hit this driver about 280 yards rest ov my game shit loool so wat i am sayin is if u are thinkin about gettin one of these i strongly advise it

  • saltshaker59 5 years ago

    i just got this driver and it is really amazing

  • jaysun7776 5 years ago

    I have one also and its awesome I hit everything before I bought it. I kept going back to it the ball just goes straight and long. I put a Pro Force V2 stiff shaft on it and got 12 more yards its a great club. Also try Cleveland wedges you will be amazed by them as well !

  • Don Prestage 5 years ago

    I have one too and its awsome. It may need a little stiffer shaft than your used to though to avoid the small slice

  • CocolutoBeans 5 years ago

    Yeah, where’s the review?

  • discowarrior1978 5 years ago

    I have a HiBore It Kicks Ass

  • rangeguy12 5 years ago

    BRA  VO!

  • DZclubtech 5 years ago

    Exceleent information. Well done.