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How to swing fairway woods is often more a mental exercise than a physical one and requires the proper mindset to get it right. Enlighten yourself to the pro…


Fairway Woods


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  • xXGreyWolf 4 years ago

    This was really unhelpful

  • peatea98 4 years ago

    I agree you swing the club and the ball gets in the way. I also agree placced off front inside foot. The bigb difference is you sweep a 3 wood. I don’t hit a wood like I hit and Iron or Driver. I do a low take away and sweep the ball. Where as in iron I have more weight transfer from my right leg to left leg pinching the ball and creating a divot slightly passed the ball. I also do a complete swing finishing balanced towards the target insuring I get my hands square at impact.

  • kkramar1985 4 years ago

    Proper swinging technique for fairway woods…….. SWING THE CLUB. CHECK! got it…..

  • PheelTheJoy 4 years ago

    Very uninformative; unless of course, you don’t know what a swing is…how are you an “instructor”?

  • chittychad18 4 years ago

    I learned nothing.

  • Mr7music7 4 years ago

    Excellent lesson.