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Here’s how to view more full HD golf swing videos! Golf swing of PGA Tour pro Rory McIlroy during the Ho…
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  • cabey071 3 years ago

    His path into the ball was way inside to out, this is the way he plays but
    he usually keeps turning his torso better and squares the face to hit the
    draw, he was stuck here and played his miss which is a tiny small push. I
    would take it! 

  • CaptainAndrewWiggins 3 years ago

    he didn’t seem too happy with it.

  • Jay Kay 3 years ago

    Sounded like it came off the bottom of the club face

  • micmacleones 3 years ago

    Bad swing. The ball went to the right towards the trees.

  • jakeborden16 3 years ago

    but if you can use your eyes the ball was already drawing towards the

  • Nick Culvenor 3 years ago

    Even though it came out of the heel, you can see the shadow of the tee guy
    signalling that it’s going right down the middle

  • David Schultz 3 years ago

    man his swing looks so bad compared to how it used to look. i mean it’s
    still great, but the look of owning his swing is gone. sad. hope he can get
    his head cleared and return to form soon.

  • Namdor2012 3 years ago

    1.13 his hands move out to much instead of pulling down like his practice

  • Sean Hao 3 years ago

    he usually plays a push draw

  • tigerbalm 3 years ago

    He didn’t get all of that…..sounded like an amateur shot… That’s why he
    looked at his club thinking, “What the eff happened?” Trying to blame a bad
    shot on his club…

  • razer448 3 years ago

    he heeled it big time so yah im assuming he blocked it

  • laxxxATTACK17 3 years ago

    Looks like he got stuck coming too much from the inside and pushed it way
    right. Hope he bounces back this year.