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Efficient Practice Series #6 – Optomising Driver Distance…

Go Deep in the Game of Disc Golf with Discmania! Click the CC-button for captions. In this final episode of the series Discmania founder Jussi Meresmaa and D…

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  • aarronmacca 5 years ago

    Thanks,ill give it a go!

  • Andy Griffiths 5 years ago

    MrFahnatic: I think about the shape of shot I want to hit and get creative with that. High or low, draw or fade, those are my thoughts now when on the course. I used to be a lot more technical, this works better for me!

  • MrFahnatic 5 years ago

    What are your swing thoughts on the course? Do you think about mechanics or anything?

  • Andy Griffiths 5 years ago

    Hi Arron. Great to hear the videos are helping. After getting that full idea of the differences between impact with the 2, I would then start with getting that feel with a chip shot, before building the same impact up for all of the irons. Let me know how you go!

  • aarronmacca 5 years ago

    Hi andy,im struggling with consistent iron striking and driver striking.ive listened to your tips already on other vids and they seem great,but do you have any tips for striking and alot more power gain guarantee for someone whos about 6 ft 1 ish with a slim build ? thanks much appreciated great videos nice and simple!

  • Andy Griffiths 5 years ago

    What is it that you disagree with ‘UnderOrdinary’?

    Would love to help out and get you on the right track to golf improvement!

  • UnderOrdinary 5 years ago

    This is wrong.

  • peter54327 5 years ago

    thanks for the tips!

  • Scott Emigh 5 years ago

    Seriously. I was out playing in 30 and snow this winter and I was fine. And even 30’s not too bad

  • rajkcme 5 years ago

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  • redeyedpoohbear 5 years ago

    Ahahah i love how he says 48 Degrees is cold. Pfft ~

  • kipper1314 5 years ago

    if only i could go to that warehouse and grab all that plastic

  • krevo81 5 years ago

    He also didn’t break the 200 meter mark

  • Nathan Iskowitz Alex Correia 5 years ago

    Jussi didn’t grunt

  • joey novack 5 years ago

    00:02 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh

  • joey novack 5 years ago

    @ 00:2 uuuuuugh

  • Terrzip 5 years ago

    00:20 is that place heaven? 😮

  • bigleague5 5 years ago

    throw with a 30 mph tail wind

  • kizzaht 5 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing lol

  • curtis2439 5 years ago

    love these discmania videos time to put the knowledge i learned from these on the course! Great drives also 202 meters is insane I could only imagine throwing that far lol

  • Tom Brinkman 5 years ago

    Hahaha, I was thinking I saw a minivan. I thought I was mistaken because with how slick the video was, that would be lame. I guess they’re lame 😉

  • tjtomax . 5 years ago

    spin rotate hop 180 O_o

  • bigleague5 5 years ago

    the extreme music and hardcore nature of the video and then they come speeding up in a minivan. lol. they could have at least rented an old muscle car to make these videos!

  • James Brewer 5 years ago

    I totally agree. Throwing straight as a laser every time is difficult.

  • ffjaronhalt5 5 years ago

    with the amount of snap they are getting off these discs even in a tail wind they would still just be getting a roller out of a katana. with the boss its got great high speed glide but not enough to turn completly on its side to get a solid S curve.

  • bennoyes05 5 years ago

    i feel like i’ve got the power these guys do, but i can’t get it over about 400′. What can i do?

  • FreeHempNow 5 years ago


  • TawpDog 5 years ago

    Neither, I’m 16 and live 1 mile away from a course.

  • FreeHempNow 5 years ago

    riding unemployment or living with mommy still, or both, 😛

  • TawpDog 5 years ago

    Bitch please. I play everyday. :P

  • extraMAYOporfa 5 years ago

    662 feet! Nice!

  • Esa Arokki 5 years ago

    That’s what it is in distance competitions :)

  • supakimmo 5 years ago

    after this vid I’ve got 20-40m more distance and a broken curl muscle from right-hand ring finger..