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golfers power drive – How to Hit a Golf Ball Longer and with more Accuracy.
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Footage of me working on my accuracy at a distance of 250ft. Audio – DFRNT – A DFRNT Dubstep Mix – July 2009.
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  • Jeff Campbell 4 years ago

    250 driver? Where’s the anhyser shot?

  • Hermenstein 4 years ago

    If you’re still playing you should try pro destroyers it’s a good disc to learn how to control over stability as a beginner to intermediate you should be able to throw it around 250 to 400 feet :-)

  • ffjaronhalt5 4 years ago

    ok i dont wanna beat a dead horse here but yea like everyone else is saying, work down to midranges, hell even putters *designated as a mid to approach putter* for 250ft.. those discs that you are throwing are begging for a solid 250 more ft … just not made to go that short unless your clubbing up for a crazy headwind. *buzzz, roc, drone, hawk, all are your friends in this distance and even more if you throw them right*

  • bigleague5 4 years ago

    why do you have all those warp speed discs they practically all do the same thing for you. Just a big fat slicing hook. You need a Valkyrie or Leopard or something slower.

  • Froggies505 4 years ago

    Dude that’s standstill distance.

  • Braedon Briscoe 4 years ago

    do you like the xcaliber or the boss better?

  • iTwitchAlot1 4 years ago

    Sweet building!

  • RazKing7 4 years ago

    Like this if u came here for football?

  • Nsan3ski3r 4 years ago

    ya 250′ should be a stable roc or a fairway driver, 250′ is kinda that area of both for me. what ever im feelin that day. anything over 250′ and its a fairway driver anything under and its a midrange.

  • bigchris0886 4 years ago

    I guess I should work on form then cause I can outdrive my drivers with my rocs the majority of the time. haha

  • TheSecondSearch 4 years ago

    DAMN!!!!! your left handed

  • RippyMcTarded 4 years ago

    Driver or not accuracy is the key.

  • NotALlama86 4 years ago

    Or putters

  • wow06 4 years ago

    nice video whats with that building to the left? What planet you from?

  • burgrman 4 years ago

    Which course in Houston are you having issues with. I can help you figure out your lefty shots. I’m hoping you have practiced your flicks and rollers as well as your backhand. I know I have to work hard to make those lefty throws. I would imagine youre talking about Mazola in particular if by river you mean bayou.

  • ThereIsOnlyChange 4 years ago

    uh.. awesome? and also. video or it didnt happen.

  • gnarpit 4 years ago

    At first I was like, what’s up with all the anys? And then I was like “fucking southpaw!”

  • gutkesanchez 4 years ago

    So you have a nice camera but suck at throwing. Thats cool, it got me to watch.

  • MoochPage 4 years ago

    i would suggest to work on throwing your mid-ranges accurately from that distance it will help your game a lot more then throwing distance drivers at those distances

  • MrNeno45 4 years ago

    i didnt come here to rant or nothing i think what u are doing is awesome i wish i can do it but whats the point in it?

  • Tate Nettestad 4 years ago

    For real man. You should be throwing a Roc at that distance if you want accuracy.

  • Bryan Huff 4 years ago

    You should probably disc down. Your drivers should be going 350-450 ft. and your mids up to 350. Not bad accuracy though.