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Druids Glen is a golf resort situated about 35 km south of Dublin in County Wicklow, Ireland. Within the resort is a 5-star hotel, two championship golf courses, and Woodstock House, which was built in 1770 and is now the clubhouse at Druids Glen. The “Druids Glen Golf Course”, opened in 1995, was the venue for the 2002 Seve Trophy, having previously hosted the Irish Open between 1996 and 1999. The second course on the site is the “Druids Heath Golf Course”, which opened in 2003.

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Caddy Daddy CdX10 Review

Caddy Daddy @ Amazon:

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Great golf travel bag under – Caddy Daddy CdX10 review

What’s up, guys? This is Bird from doing a review on the Caddy Daddy Golf CdX10 Travel Bag Cover available through Amazon, which where I got it. Just a rundown of this, it’s a travel bag for your golf clubs when you’re in the airport.

The dimensions of the bag are 50 inches long by 13 inches wide and 13 inches high so it’ll fit the specs for all major airlines. It’s very light. It’s got two wheels on the bottom so when you can pull it, it goes on the wheels. And there’s some extra hard padding here to take the punishment that it’s going to take at the airport, handle on the bottom. On the sides, there’s two large shoe bags, which can hold your shoes. And there’s enough room for other stuff as well. Same way with the inside, you can put a lot of extra stuff in there, clothes, raingear just as long as you keep it under 50 pounds for the airline. So there’s one at each side. And on the front up here, there is, excuse me, some extra padding, very soft padding to protect the heads of your golf clubs. And then, there’s a zipper to zip the whole thing and a handle to pull it.There’s also these side straps here that connect on each side. There’s one there and one there to give it a little extra tight fit.

All right, guys, so now what I’m going is just pull my golf bag in the Caddy Daddy, drop the bottom there like so, pull it back. One thing I will suggest, too, before you get past the stages, that maybe cut a broom handle. They have expanders that you can use. You cut a broom handle. It’s just a little bit longer than your driver. It’ll stick out higher to protect the driver when the airlines get a little rough with your clubs. Put your shoes on the side. Plenty of room for more stuff in that pocket. Plenty of room for more stuff in this shoe pocket. And on the right side pocket, there’s also another little zipper right here for small items. Again, a lot room for other clothing, raingear in there. Zip it all the way up. Attach this one to clamp for little more security. Attach the other one and you’re good to go. Grab the handle like so or you can also pick it up with this strap.

So this is the Caddy Daddy CdX-10 Golf Travel Bag, highly suggest it. Very good bag, very light-weight, collapses down, available on Amazon. I’ll put a link below on the blog post so you guys can purchase it there.

If you are to go to Amazon, please check out Bird Knows Best first and click through there. And until next time. Ca Caw!

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