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Golf Tip: Fat Shots; Hank Haney

Fat shots are caused by either too steep a plane (slicers) or to shallow an swing (hookers) Hank Haney: Listed as one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers Gol…

Michael Breed reveals the reason for hitting fat iron shots and how to fix it. Watch the Golf Fix Mondays at 7 p.m. ET on Golf Channel. For more help with yo…
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Fat Shots


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  • Hunter333444 5 years ago

    Just wanted to say thanks I couldnt figure out my problem and i was getting frustrated turns out I was totally droping my left shoulder I turned more level and much better….Hey want to play golf with me !

  • TheNYgolfer 5 years ago

    fat shots come mostly from releasing the club early thereby causing the low point of the swing to fall behind the ball.Work on mastering impact hand positions ie: flat left wrist bent right wrist.Get that concept scorched in your brain and you can swing upright like all the big hitters or shallow like Kucher or Hogan or anywhere in between. This will also save you $10,000 ,which is what haney charges for a day

  • TheNYgolfer 5 years ago

    only charges $10,000/day

  • shafiul islam 5 years ago

    Awesome video! by the way my friend used this quite popular fat loss diet known as: Fat 360 Nuke and shed 6 kgs within just a month. I do not remember the actual website just Google it.

  • rajibhasan46 5 years ago

    Hiyaaaa! Have you considered – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my brother in law got beautiful 6 pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

  • sindude300 5 years ago

    I am hank and i wank

  • glock35ipsc 5 years ago

    – Hmmm, I think it’s my problem too. Didn’t really realize it until just now.

  • glock35ipsc 5 years ago

    – Hmmm, I think it’s my problem too. Didn’t really realize it until just now.

  • jdmars011 5 years ago

    Holy crap!…I think I am dropping my left shoulder…Thanks Hank!

  • binlizard 5 years ago

    i am tiger woods

  • Tesuchpwnsu 5 years ago

    I’m pretty good at minigolf.

  • TigerWoodsWorld 5 years ago

    thanks hank ur awesome P.S Rush Limbaugh is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stewdogg42 5 years ago

    1:02. That’s my problem. 

  • stevenash4life 5 years ago

    Lol lol Rush Limbaugh is horrible to the last comment b4 mine hah

  • healthnut4life48 5 years ago

    Golf is a physically demanding sport, and a great golfer needs to stay flexible and be in great shape. The pro’s spend thousands of dollars on golf fitness trainers and coaches to help keep them on top of their game, but for me that was not a possibility. After years of complaining about my game plateauing and about being sore from playing so much I knew I had to do something about it, but after a few stretches I was lost.

    A colleague of mine showed me this great tool!


  • 1BoomerTEE 5 years ago

    HANK…kudos for your tips/inspirations! ARNIE,JACK and GARY all have inspired many SENIORS;perhaps you can inspire your many BOOMER friends in VISION awareness…AMD(macular degeneration). AMD has now surpassed Prostate cancer statistics( A silent anomaly, AMD needs your HELP Hank in awareness!
    YOU TUBE(photochromic transitions)
    CHEERS 2011

  • JHawk 5 years ago

    …….yeah but before he does i’ll have to hear that annoying “LETS DO THIS!!!!!!”

  • Jason Manke 5 years ago

    Hank, are you actually teaching flat shoulder plane? Really?

  • JHawk 5 years ago

    Gman6755 is right, michael breed is like a preteen on crack. My golf teacher worked with Hank Haney for 10 years, and he was with Hank the moment Tiger called Hank when he needed help. My teacher and Hank both have the same attitude, and he is one of the best teachers in the country.

  • Gman6755 5 years ago

    Wish I could take a few lessons from Hank, his easy going manner is perfect for a golf teacher. The guy on the Golf Fix knows his stuff but I can’t take his football coach rah rah delivery.

  • woobieoz 5 years ago

    good video

  • golfusa09 5 years ago

    Theres a drill to fix steep fat shots, slicing and lack of turn. First you set up normal, then turn your feet pointed towards the target and your belt buckle pointed at the target. But have your shoulders in normal postion set up to the ball. Itll be very hard to make a full back swing unless your a flexible, strong person. But this drill eliminates slices, makes you hit further, and gets rid of swaying. If you dont understand just send me a message. Its the best drill ive ever done.

  • hazzle34 5 years ago

    don’t get me wrong i’d still tap that

  • Robert Azmitia 5 years ago

    Love this drill

  • ire003celtic 5 years ago

    This is such a great tip but it does not help the people who stay loaded on the back foot, they will reach and hit the ball forward and it might help at first but they will keep staying loaded on the back foot fading backwards and wonder why its not working all the time. Im not hating on this awesome show, i just want people with the same problem to realize you have stay center and reach forward, instead of loading right, staying right, reaching twice as far for no reason. LOVE THIS SHOW!

  • ire003celtic 5 years ago

    Less then a minute into it.

  • Threepi80 5 years ago

    Ground first, then ball.

  • HarD7iMeR 5 years ago

    you know hes bummed out he didnt hit the target

  • Butch Dawson 5 years ago

    I watch your show every week. This could be the best tip I’ve ever seen. It really turned the light on for me. To expand on it just a little after doing the drill I moved the ball back in my stance but imagined the ball being about 3 inches in front of where it really was. Swinging to the inaginary ball helped me make ball first contact and really shallowed out my swing path instead of hitting the ball fat most of the time with too steep of a downswing.

    Great tip!!! See ya Monday night

  • FratBrochocinco 5 years ago

    If a drill is hard, its gonna take more time to perfect but you are going to get better results….actually, i wouldn’t call anything in golf “hard” because golf is just straight up difficult in general

  • Justus Seiber 5 years ago

    I am a beginner. I haven’t even golfed for two months. It’s easy. Pretend there is a line going straight through the middle of the ball and make your swing more vertical and not as much around.

  • Justus Seiber 5 years ago

    Not if you do it the way he did, I tried it and actually hit further but straight too. As long as you focus on keeping the club head on a straight line you won’t pull it.

  • poophead69able 5 years ago

    Don’t do that drill at 1:35 it’ll make you pull the shot

  • Jdawg0492 5 years ago

    Yeah, just try to get out and play more if you can. If not, maybe get a golf simulator and practice at home.

  • staticfive 5 years ago


  • Eastflava0 5 years ago

    He makes golf look so easy….

  • TheXXgamsXX 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot man!

  • David Schultz 5 years ago

    get off the range and play more. hit balls on the range to warm up maybe, but work on your swing after the round instead.

  • Christopher Krikorian 5 years ago

    Twitchey, I had the same problem. Seems like you need to overcome the mental game. I was the same as you and what I did to do to help me was this. Go to the range and do your pre-shot routine and aim at a very precise/specific target. Put yourself under the pressure to perform well. Remember…if you go to the range and just keep hitting and hitting in the same stance your body will adapt and you’ll hit great shots. But you don’t do that at the course, you’ve got once chance to make it count

  • twitchey93 5 years ago

    I got one for you I dont do bad with any clubs at the range. I take good divots and my irons are pretty accurate and straight. Granted my driving needs practice. But Im decently solid.

    My problem is I get to the course and I cant hit top em I slice I draw. I completely miss. I get nervous.
    How in the world do I fix this. My friend suggested listening to my ipod.

    So in summary good on the range. Idiot with a nine iron on the course?

  • jpjeffery 5 years ago

    It means your club hits the ground before it hits the ball. It’s not good.

  • Hugo du Toit 5 years ago

    Best golfing advice I’ve had in months………so simple, yet xtremly effective.!! We don’t have shows like that on T.V here in SA…….we do have golf shows covering local charity games, new amateurs, that kind of thing. This is gold to any golfer striving for better Iron shots.

  • WestBromSte 5 years ago

    definite troll

  • rianco 5 years ago

    that ball almost hits the target so many times! one of these days.

  • RonaldNiederhauser 5 years ago

    What does fat mean?