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Director of Instruction of the Walden Golf School, Ron Herridge, has some great pointers for perfecting your fairway wood shot.
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PING G25 Fairway Wood Reviewed by the Golf Monthly test team. Here, we hit Ping’s latest G range fairway wood. The Ping G25 has been designed to be forgiving…
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Fairway Woods


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  • watertonrivers 4 years ago

    Nice smooth swing there.

  • bamaslaten 4 years ago

    I have used this tip for the past 3 round and have hit some of my best fairway shots ever. Thank you very much.

  • patmcshan 4 years ago

    Good golf tip

  • Andrea Piana 4 years ago

    don’t forget to breath, sometimes helps

  • ihilton69 4 years ago

    3 wood nearly as long as the driver did u say?