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Golf Tips: Chipping from Rough lesson from Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Keith Williams. Here Keith looks at the technique required for chipping from thick rough…

Tiger Woods amazing chip in on the Par 3 16th at the Memorial Tournament, Dublin, Ohio on 3/6/2012. Tournament winning shot. I do not own the rights to this …
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  • cliverkay 4 years ago

    It all depends on the lie of the ball .. If it sits up in the grass the club goes directly under it.

  • Mububban23 4 years ago

    Any idea what you did wrong? I don’t play anywhere with rough like that so it’s not a shot I have to face. Is his advice no good, or are you swinging differently to the way he does? He sure looked to put a fair amount of power into his swing, I’d be worried about my “driving wedge” blasting it 150m off the leading edge of the club 😀

  • cliverkay 4 years ago

    And how many times have I done that and the ball goes up vertically and ends up on the fringe…

  • gschopp 4 years ago

    Ricky Fowler….Ernie Els, “did you fucking see that?”
    That WAS sick

  • slowboat 4 years ago

    Sick nasty…

  • WaitandFocus 4 years ago

    Well said! :)

  • Graeme Devlin 4 years ago

    Tiger’s just a magician around the greens. He gives his playing partners a short game master class for free each and every week.

  • Hoyas4Life12 4 years ago

    Rickie Fowler went to school that day… pan to the left decked out in OSU tangerine… think he asked Tiger for an autograph right after he took the ball out of the cup lol… until the “young guns” exhibit an iota of what being clutch is all about, Tiger will remain the master of the big moments… lights on, flame on, smoke the competition when it counts the most!

  • thebenflorance 4 years ago

    Nothing better than when he makes a ridiculous shot. Take me now, I’ve seen it all.

  • Nick Latman 4 years ago

    “Anything inside of six feet would be a wonderful shot.” HAHAHA

  • MatressLord22 4 years ago

    Amazing shot tiger, I’m so happy you’re back at number 1 in the world!

  • phil2875 4 years ago

    Tiger Woods loves the 16th hole.
    2005 16th at Augusta
    1997 16th at Scottsdale
    2012 16th at Memorial

  • quikspyda 4 years ago

    Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, the Pump (The Fist Pump) is just as satisfying as Cumming

  • dj kerry 4 years ago

    Yes it is funny seeing most every one enjoying a good shot or putt by tiger but the haters sit there with no reaction arms crossed like he owes them his tour card and should just go away forever because of his personal issues. The haters might as well not even show up because it is going to be all tiger all the time this year now that his irons and putter are back.

  • Lisa Flanders 4 years ago

    You can always notice the Tiger haters.. there the ones not clapping or shouting.. just looking on in dismay and apparent disgust… well guess what… your Tiger hating days are going to get much worse for you… 2 wins this year so far.. and he’s just getting started…. This is going to be a “Major” year for Tiger.. GUARANTEED.. i’ll be back to say i told you so :o)… EFF Yeah! go Tiger!

  • Joe Dorff 4 years ago

    I was there to see it. There is nothing like the roar of the gallery and excitement in the air when Tiger is making a Sunday run.

  • mrbrethmint 4 years ago

    Great shot!!

  • Garret Green 4 years ago

    He needs to win the Masters now

  • Joshua Han 4 years ago

    Guys like MJ, Kobe and tiger define what it means to be clutch!

  • eric dekarski 4 years ago

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  • Fultonfalcons86 4 years ago

    holy hell only tiger could do that :)

  • GolfTipsNow10 4 years ago

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  • Jamie Fraser 4 years ago

    Get it up ya Sabbatini

  • girouxsclues28 4 years ago

    0:53 Probably the only time I have ever seen the ball go in the hole when someone yells “GET IN THE HOLE!” on a chip.

  • girouxsclues28 4 years ago

    0:51 BOOM

  • kdhard96 4 years ago

    Reminds me of that Masters shot back in ’05

  • TheArfdog 4 years ago

    Jesus H… wtf