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Great Miniature Golf Shots

My brothers and I making some nice putt putt shots. And I know, I misspelled miniature in the vid.
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  • Jonathan Ward 5 years ago

    @ krue thwaits: Obviously you do, or you wouldn’t have watched the video.

  • krue thwaits 5 years ago

    who cares

  • KingRevolution 5 years ago

    Yes, I believe it is.

  • KingRevolution 5 years ago

    ELO - Showdown

  • Skaggard Arcaninelover 5 years ago

    And the songs name is?

  • llVllahi 5 years ago

    0:26 was that taken in Daytona Beach 18th hole?

  • silenceimurderyou 5 years ago


  • 420brandyn 5 years ago

    alright, i apologize to all of u.. it is a good video, but again, y is that kid gettin all the luck lol.. no complaints.. it just had to be his day that day

  • KingRevolution 5 years ago

    First off, nothing is fake. Also, a side note, this isn’t just a Hole in One video, it’s a Great Shots video, so I don’t know why you are complaining about the 5th video. Plus, my dad, who was filming, isn’t the best camera man and when you are looking through a Super-VHS camera that just has a viewfinder, it’s hard to find the ball sometimes. So, quit trying to over-analyze a fun video and just enjoy it.

  • 420brandyn 5 years ago

    ok, first video is fake (ball completly disapears)… video 3 u need to show the ball traviling… 5th video (one with the hills) took more then one shot… 8th video get the kid out of the way… and is it just me or that kids getting alot of lucky shots…. good video, but some flaws

  • ironwolvesnetwork 5 years ago

    check out my Amazing golf shot

  • JohnCenaFan619ChainG 5 years ago

    Notice how they all hit it and they all bounce off the same angle and make it in

  • KingRevolution 5 years ago

    Hate to break it to you, but every shot is one attempt. We’re that damn good. So… booyah.

  • FunTrollin 5 years ago

    is it now?? well i failed to comprehend the humor in it, its just a trio of punk kids who probably had numerous attempts on putting the hole.

  • potterdog9175 5 years ago

    you publied this video on youtube 1 day before my b day=)

  • KingRevolution 5 years ago

    It’s meant to be a joke video.

  • dfitz5 5 years ago

    wow do u really think these are hard holes your hitting?

  • woodybarn66 5 years ago

    yeah uk ones have concrete surfaces or plastic also they have obsticals to hit through but american ones ave big slopes and water!

  • Billy Hamilton 5 years ago

    I’m loving the Tiger fist pump at 1:06 and the tip of the cap at 2:00 and 3:00

  • Water182 5 years ago

    Instead i listened to tuesdays gone by lynyrd skynyrd to make it really seem like happy gilmore

  • zingep 5 years ago

    The only minigolf course i have ever seen in UK was on mr bean:P and that one didn’t look good:P

  • jousthk 5 years ago

    Nice ELO song !

  • BoomFloof 5 years ago

    2:40 was pro legit.

  • beaverfever2123 5 years ago

    wut a bunch of jocks
    nice vid

  • drakeseebo 5 years ago

    Gotta love mini golf in the 90’s 😀

    2:40 was sick lol. Nice vid!