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Everyone has played HORSE before, but not like this. ▻ VISIT my NEW STORE: ▻ WATCH new HORSE GAME 2: ——–…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tiger woods’ best shots in his career! Greatest golfer in the universe. Enjoy No copyright intended uploaded to provideo entertainment around the world.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • MrTedMcForehead 3 years ago

    Probably took him a few weeks and a few hours each day to do….wouldn’t
    call it a game of horse more than I’d call is countless hours spent making
    a few dozen shots.

  • Brodie Smith 3 years ago

    Wow 4 Million! Thanks for helping us get there!

  • Tommy Than 3 years ago

    this shit is edited….. prob took the whole day if you ask me

  • Brodie Smith 3 years ago

    Should I do another Greatest Game of Horse?
    Tweet me who I should battle next!

  • srilan maranan 3 years ago

    Fucking impressive! Brodie, how did you do this man? Practice?

  • Eva Niedermertlová 3 years ago

    Tak to jsou fakt BORCI!!!

  • Brodie Smith 3 years ago

    Wow almost 4 million views! Who should I challenge next?

  • grêgörŷ to fly 3 years ago

    Greatest Game of HORSE Ever | Brodie Smith:

  • Rishi Mukherjee 3 years ago

    this is insane

  • Vankai 3 years ago

    lol, These people aged like Obama!

    cool shots tho :)

  • Breeze Song. The Night Watch 3 years ago

    You guys shall both become my new best friends. But that frisbee guy tho!

  • Noah Flood 3 years ago


  • gabriel basset 3 years ago

    what is the song that is playing in the backround called

  • Alfanan123 3 years ago

    Aimbot, noobs report

  • xSfriGHtend icon 3 years ago


  • Aljon Rivera 3 years ago

    Can i ASK? If how many times did you try it before you make that ShoT? :P

  • Malik Bailey 3 years ago

    I showed this video to my whole school and you can all hear them gaspt even
    the teacher and our coach!!!

  • Harry Wallis 3 years ago

    this is so awesome i love basketball!!!

  • ender filmz 3 years ago

    Why arnt they in the NBA?

  • Peleg Walker 3 years ago

    Wow there is a lot of hate between a couple guys. I absolutely love these
    videos. Much fun to watch those seemingly impossible shots even it does
    take more than a few shots to make them. Great job Brodie!!

  • Arthur Lavallee 3 years ago

    I didn’t know who to vote for! You both were awesome!

  • alex tam 3 years ago

    fantastic video

  • RU Mad? 3 years ago

    Fake. All Fake.

  • Tito Raines 3 years ago

    stop the video at 5:00 exact you can tell that brodie didn’t make the shot
    the first time because the guy in the back has another frisbee

  • Windar 3 years ago

    from far away he looks like Gareth Bale ^^

  • Judge Smails 3 years ago

    IMAGINE…If I let Tiger use my ol’ Billy Barule ?
    Billy,Billy, Billy !

  • drumzmagoo 3 years ago

    The music and editing ruin it. It’s hard to watch

  • Rafael Figueiredo 3 years ago

    He’s is a funking amazing

  • Dan Musk 3 years ago

    Whats the music?

  • Petr Fejks 3 years ago

    Tiger Woods Best Shots

  • MrDoomsday74 3 years ago

    and this guy got crazy laid… GOLF ROCK STAR!!!!!!!

  • gamer1780 3 years ago

    better shots like to be honest, was a good one, but he m,atched wif other

  • aaron hargis 3 years ago

    where was his second hole in one

  • too sad,only time I grabbed golf club was to beat Vice City’s citizens

  • Dan Bingham 3 years ago

    23 girls didnt get a call from tiger the next day

  • jon tripodi 3 years ago

    Mashed Potatoes!!

  • tinynoggin 3 years ago

    Tiger and I share the same expectations. i go to work everyday, expect to
    go home at 5 pm and not hurt my back in the process because those task
    chairs can be challenging if you sit all day long watching Youtube about
    half that time..

  • dippedindoodoowater 3 years ago

    back wen he was good :(

  • TheSyntheticPop 3 years ago

    Is that a golf ball or a pixel?

  • MrUthorns254 3 years ago

    I miss this tiger

  • Ruan Bezuidenhout 3 years ago

    sunday red fever… this guy is inhumanely brilliant!

  • shoeswithoutshoestri 3 years ago

    T raw

  • UltimateZerro 3 years ago

    I believe it’s by Joe Satriani, I’m not too sure of the exact song though.

  • jpracingph 3 years ago

    2:27 was a 6 iron from 212 yards from the sand over water. THAT’S amazing.

  • namznej 3 years ago

    Tiger…. Better than most…

  • jlash259 3 years ago

    @ 1:55 is that a damn 3 or 5 wood?

  • marcky89869 3 years ago

    american football is the worst.

  • sharkguy95 3 years ago

    He is so happy in these videos. Tiger really needs to bring the enjoyment
    back into his game, not just when he wins because that won’t happen when he
    throws clubs and says “DAMMIT TIGER” on tv in the masters…

  • eduardo falcon 3 years ago

    0:47 that swing is weird

  • Phillip Pearson 3 years ago

    After yesterday’s performance I’d say he is back