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With the irons, shift your hips and lead with your hands for great ball-turf contact. Watch Golf Digest on The Scene: Subscribe to the al…
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  • Richard Jacobs 3 years ago

    Haney mechanized Tigers natural ability which led to injuries. He should
    not call himself a coach.

  • Kenny Eash 3 years ago

    Jesus Christ died for us all

  • supercacti 3 years ago

    His surname seems rather befitting!

  • Ryan Silver 3 years ago

    why did I sing the title “Hit it solid every time” Like Britney Spears’
    “Hit me baby one more time”?

  • Karim Habib 3 years ago

    Is that how you also answer teachers when you don’t understand them?

  • rararawr619 3 years ago

    Why am I watching this? I don’t need more stuff filling my head when I have
    an important match in an hour.

  • James Troost 3 years ago

    I like to hit and hope

  • zaxophne 3 years ago

    Where is your golf school?

  • Retto Mada 3 years ago

    You are an imbecile.

  • Lyndon Dawson 3 years ago

    great golf tip.

  • Patrick Crehan 3 years ago

    cuz your a fag?

  • jabrooonni 3 years ago

    It always looks and sounds easy, until you try it on the course.

  • spikealike007 3 years ago

    Whatever! Go away moron!

  • redd7188 3 years ago


  • TheBigtoilet 3 years ago

    Agree with what Pratt said.

  • TheGimp Stick 3 years ago

    Everybody quick!! lets laugh at the idiot!

  • Michael Buckley 3 years ago

    i’ll try it

  • Steve Pratt 3 years ago

    Ugh…this isn’t compression. Compression comes from low spin loft, not
    from a descending angle of attack.

  • qdE uä 3 years ago

    Having a slight descending angle of attack and deflofting the club reduces
    the spinloft. .

  • Myron Jenkins 3 years ago

    Very informative…I shared your video on my mylight films website. It’s a
    site that allows athletes of all sports to share their videos and their
    knowledge of sports with other athletes and avid sports followers. Hope you
    don’t mind…

  • Matt Lang 3 years ago

    You dont need this information if you swing correctly, leading with your
    hips with relaxed arms/wrists will result in a downward blow every time.
    You shouldnt be forcing your hands to do anything, they will do it

  • Kai Hing Toh 3 years ago

    Very good tip thks

  • CaptainAndrewWiggins 3 years ago

    a la hogan supination

  • Alan Lee 3 years ago

    Hank is describing one of many schools of thought on how to hit irons
    solidly. I personally like to get my swing plane kind of shallow and then
    release fully through the ball but again, there’s a million ways to do it.
    It’s true that you can play a punch all the time (like he’s doing in the
    video) and get pretty good but you also have to learn to hit the ball high.

  • xlfutur1 3 years ago

    just think a flat left wrist and and hands in front of the ball at impact
    and that will do it