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HD TRAVEL:  Edinburgh & Scotland - SmartTravels with Rudy Maxa Seen nationally on PBS stations. #402: Edinburgh and Scotland Friendly and feisty, Scotland makes us feel right at home. In Edinburgh, we…

michael alan of the Costa Rica Travel Channel talks to John Divita who lives in El Castillo Costa Rica and owns a pizza/ice cream store called Jardin Escondi…

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  • Ron Martin 3 years ago

    Good insight at end: Heads up update 2014, fellow Earth dwellers — Beef,
    pork and shrimp are at all-time high prices currently and still moving
    (these are indicators of bigger issues). Expect new increases in prices
    (sry) and likely increases in interests from very expat-curious
    vacationers. I am coming down there myself partly out of concerns for what
    the world’s weather (drought, snow in IL in April, quakes, etc) is going to
    do to the economy (not just in the major nations as John aptly states). I
    hope for the best but plan for the likely reality. If food/water gets
    scarce, better to be where it grows plentiful (and rains at least a bit). I
    don’t eat gluten but hope John is still doing well. PS- I am eating organic
    dark choc. coconut milk ice cream. Odd synchronicity…

  • themonger1 3 years ago

    Man how come you guys never respond to my comments man?? BE cool Stay safe

  • inspiralight 3 years ago

    Oh man, chocolate-coconut ice cream sounds good! And I’m glad there’s good
    pizza down there. But… if you really need a lawyer to do basic things
    like buying a car or a boat, that sounds like extortion.