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Fairway Woods


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  • Tera Anisa 5 years ago

    Anyone tried the iPhonezilax Secrets (just google it)? I have heard many awesome things about it and my buddy get his first iphone apps made without any programming experience at all with it.

  • sailors2011 5 years ago

    You get the point, smartass.

  • y00Sinz 5 years ago

    There is a big difference between “a little small” and baggy, my friend.

  • Thubassethound 5 years ago

    Yo Mark just recently started watching your videos and practicing something’s you’ve been saying and showing. You’ve improved my game massively. Cheers, the beers are on me if you ever visit the Abu Dhabi national.

  • obi1jim 5 years ago

    try the rbz

  • sailors2011 5 years ago

    I don’t think so, it looks good. Baggy clothes dont.

  • Max Smith 5 years ago

    Mark could you suggest some irons for me please im 14 years old with a 26 handicap and im not always hitting the ball out the middle of the club but i cant hit a thicker head

  • evltwin8 5 years ago

    i want a free wood…

  • Hipehen 5 years ago

    Why the stats are duplicated at the end of the video? Nice review again Mark!

  • Cahnt 5 years ago

    Great vid, very informative. The thing about buying game improvement clubs, however, is that we’re all looking to outgrow them asap. So i find it hard to reconcile buying them. After all, every time i go to the range or have a lesson i’m looking to get a swing for which game improvement clubs would be innappropriate! If i spend £500 on GI woods, i want to need to replace them a few weeks later!

  • David Schultz 5 years ago

    He hit it thin.

  • cgasucks 5 years ago

    Some great players hit their Fairway Woods with a slight defending blow.  Sergio Garcia and Ben Hogan come to mind.

  • crisisofconsciousnes 5 years ago

    that’s how you wear them, we don’t really wear baggy stuff like Americans do

  • Jerome Johnson 5 years ago

    i play the RBZ tour 3 wood at 14.5 with the slightly heavier stiff shaft and it shoots the ball lower and spins less than almost everything else i’ve tried…. plus the distance is just RIDICULOUS haha

  • NinjaLightning27 5 years ago

    hey mark, i am looking for distance what 3 wood should i use?

  • BMWg84 5 years ago

    5000 revs / minute right? not /sec.

  • UcanThnkItuCanDoit 5 years ago

    I am by no means an expert but I rarely top the ball. I was once told by a great teacher that I should play a fairway food a little forward in my stance, to encourage hitting the ball on the up stroke. You can still hit down on the ball on the upstroke of your swing if that makes any sense.

    If anything, I hit my fairway woods fat more than thin or tops, so maybe this is just something that helps me. thanks for the reply.

  • rasprotection 5 years ago

    not the case whatsoever. I bet you hit a lot of tops. ALL ground impact clubs need to hit the ball first, into the ground, downward angle of attack; that’s why God created loft. Off the tee peg you can sweep if you’re going for distance.

    “hit out the bottom” means he didn’t hit down enough and almost thinned it, the ball only contacting the bottom of the face instead of the center/middle.

  • Clayton Dunn 5 years ago

    What is the most help you have found in a 3 wood? My ball striking is good in every club but my 3 and 5 wood. I want decent distance and high launch angle. What would you recommend?

  • Inigo Grose 5 years ago

    Tried the RBZ 5 Wood today as there is a gap in my bag for one. It was an amazing club with great numbers too. Definitely going into the bag and worth a try for anyone needing a 5 Wood or even a 3 Wood.

  • Inigo Grose 5 years ago

    it really depends on the brand. a RBZ 5 wood has a loft of 19 degrees and the ping G20 5 wood has a 16.5 degree loft. my Mizuno 3H has 20 degrees of loft so it’s very variable

  • dancingpencel11 5 years ago

    Have you already done a R11s vs. 910 D2? If not, could you do one?

  • MrDave1022 5 years ago

    As usual Mark very good video. I agree with you that everyone will have different ideas on what is best club for them. I’m with you on looks and feel. Looks for me inspires confidence. I find feel coupled with your shaft options complete the package. I watched your video on the Titleist 910 Fd and the Titleist 910F . I have the 910 FD in my bag at the moment and I’m considering changing it for the 910F or the RBZ from Taylormade . Like you I buy into this “speed slot” technology.

  • Sam Evans 5 years ago

    Isn’t a 5 wood 17.5 degrees where as a 3H is more like 19,20 degrees?

  • LEMODEN08 5 years ago

    Trying to make a decision on clubs from what I’ve seen. Not happening. It’s all sales pitch and pretty looks. Totally agree with feeling the club. I recently bought a new putter. Turns out I have been using the wrong putter for years for my stroke. All from the feeling now. Great advice. Thanks for the vid.