Added by on 2015-01-28 In this video Tim Johnson PGA Professional shows you the three steps to hitting a draw off the tee with you…
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  • Jeff S 3 years ago

    tim, you’ve really got to smarten up your attire. you look like a sloppy
    gym teacher from the 1970’s with a 30 hdcp. also, use a decent camera. 

  • cockerel_888 3 years ago

    wow, what a horrible swing

  • Douglas Koenig 3 years ago

    This is great. This technique actually cured my slice. It was unpredictable
    and has always been on my mind every time i stepped onto the tee box. 18
    years playing golf, and lessons from 2 different course pro’s. I heard
    everything from swing slower, to taking a half a step back with my right
    foot, after set up to ball… Not every video/tip I read/watch has helped
    me… This one definitely has changed my golf game heading in the right
    direction. Thank you!!! 

  • rob gosselin 3 years ago

    Ok just been up the range and tried this method. Fantastic results. Not
    only was I drawing the ball with the driver but also with my fairway wood
    and my irons. This video is well worth paying attention too. 

  • golfinguna 3 years ago

    This video does not show you how to draw the ball???? Some of what he is
    stating is good advice and some of it is nonsense. When you change your
    grip and make it stronger (which is correct) you may have a better swing
    pattern which can lead to more of a draw shot. It is not how you draw the

  • dar d 3 years ago

    Hi Tim
    excellent lesson. Ive tried several draw techniques for driver in the past
    and yours is the most repeatable & promotes automatic release. Any chance
    you could do a lesson on fairway woods off the deck? Best regards, Dan

  • Steve Blesson 3 years ago

    Great video, thanks a lot!

  • rob gosselin 3 years ago

    Going to try this tomorrow , the grip seems to be a key factor. Is this
    grip the same as drawing an iron ?

  • Kimberley Moore 3 years ago

    Just as a matter of interest Oscar, mark k,and rosevilleporter what are
    your handicaps? Regardless what the purists may think the proof is in the
    pudding and this approach worked for me immediately. I am now confidently
    teeing up and drawing my drives. Something I have never been able to do.
    fantastic video. 

  • heatsavers 3 years ago

    does the club release naturaly or should I be using my right hand to
    release it?

  • kbkesq 3 years ago

    great piece. Draw nearly impossible without that grip for most of us.
    Shoulder tilt is huge too. Next you raise shoulder should aim square to
    target or slightly to the right. Absolutely correct! Teeing ball forward
    for driver makes us reach forward to set driver behind the ball, which
    tends to open the shoulders. As for dropping and slotting the club, that is
    the most difficult of all to do. However, anyone can do the grip, stance
    and setup that you point out while they work on the arm drop. Thanks!

  • Dan Benson 3 years ago

    Should my stance be square or back leg back alittle?

  • Daniel Pena 3 years ago

    Hey Tim,

    I first want to thank you for putting this lesson online. Before watching
    this video, I was hitting my driver on average about 250 yards including
    roll. Not bad, def. not great, but all of my friends were out driving me
    and I was constantly under pressure to nail the second shot. I looked up
    “Hitting Draw” videos, and saw this lesson. The lesson was compelling
    enough to try, so I put about 700 balls down range using only your
    technique. Initially,my goal wasn’t to use the tecqnique to increase
    distance, rather it was to increase control and accuracy since distance
    wasn’t my fried and I had tried almost everything. After about 500 balls,
    and a ton of shanks (which always happens until you get the hang of it), I
    noticed my balls were hitting the fence line at the range. The draw was
    perfect, and I noticed I was using 75% less energy with this swing than
    with the text book swing i had been previously hitting with. My core ab
    muscles were getting less stressed/torqued, and my arms were doing more
    work and creating a really bad-ass whipping motion. My finish at the end of
    the swing naturally came over my left shoulder (right handed) and people
    were beginning to notice the sound, distance and swing motion. I thought I
    could never break past the 250 yard mark, but people at the range were
    saying my the ball was way beyond that which I couldn’t see. We measured
    the fence line at 320 yards, and I couldn’t believe it. Naturally, I went
    to the local golf shop to measure the distance (which isn’t always
    accurate, I know, but its a quick glimpse). I was getting over 300 yards
    every time. Carry was on average around 280-290 and roll about 25-30 yards.
    Ok – in the past – I never reached beyond 250 yards with my old drive on
    the machine, so I knew something was happening here. I traded in my old
    ping driver and got the new callaway big bertha – with all the adjustable
    settings, and tuned for me at the range for my new Tim Johnson driver swing
    – again, hitting the fence every time with greater control and accuracy. I
    finally went to play my first game using the new club and swing, and on
    hole 2 – my golf buddy who plays scratch golf and drives on average 270
    watched me hit the purest ball of my life from the blue box at the carlsbad
    crossings. We both drove up to take our second swing, only we couldn’t find
    my ball. We saw his ball in the middle of the fairway, he hit, then we
    drove around for about 3 minutes knowing both knowing I hit a perfect shot
    and had to be on the fairway. Finally we decided to drive up closer to the
    pin, only to find it sitting less than 10ft from the green on a par 4. I
    had been telling my buddy of my new driver swing for about a week, and he
    didn’t believe a word of it. It was the best feeling in my life to see the
    look on my friends face when I picked up the ball with my initials written
    on it.I drove that sucker 330 yards and my buddy about lost his shit. The
    next day, he went on to buy the new callaway driver… HAHAHA – sucker. He
    is the one person I wont share this vid with. lol. I felt 100% obligated
    to tell you since it was your lesson than helped me reach this new exciting
    level in my play. I found this swing applicable to all clubs, and it works
    solid every time. My only problem now is judging distance as I have to club
    down for every shot – which I will get used to in time. Thanks Tim for the
    great instruction!!!

  • Dakman Myson 3 years ago

    Can you use this method with an iron? 

  • Cole Younger 3 years ago

    This video helped me more than any golf video I’ve ever watched. I’ve seen

  • Adam Freeman 3 years ago

    fantastic vid thanks

  • rosevilleporter 3 years ago

    Wow, I hope people aren’t practicing this stuff…anyone can put anything
    on the fucking internet lol

  • Oscar Baek 3 years ago

    What a fcking joke

  • Vincent Ford 3 years ago

    Just have to say thank you. Your simple tips have cured my slice and added
    tremendous distance. I’m no longer apprehensive to pull out my driver. You
    should also post the same video on “how to stop a slice”. 

  • Claus R. Povlsen 3 years ago

    nice lesson

  • Lucy Austin 3 years ago

    JUST GREAT!!! He is telling the truth about the golfswing.

  • Jay Kim 3 years ago

    Wow, watched tons of videos and by far the best tip in terms of golf swing
    video. Everybody talks about shoulder turn in the back swing but you were
    the first one in terms of not turning your shoulders to start the
    downswing. I was in a slump because of coming over the top and your tip
    about starting with the arms solved it all. Thanks

  • David Villar 3 years ago

    You will absolutely draw the ball if you start with your arms first for
    sure. But you will absolutely not maximize distance. If you’re arms start
    the downswing, you’re releasing all the coiled tension from the back swing
    as if you never even took a shoulder or hip turn. You don’t need to be PGA
    certified to know this, you just need to know some simply physics.

  • SGT 1372 3 years ago

    I just started to hit a golf club for the 1st time a couple of days ago.
    Just went out and hit a bucket of balls with a used driver I bought cheap
    at Golfsmith. It’s a Callaway FT9 which was all the rage around 6 years
    ago. Cost up to $500 back then but got it for $45. So, the equipment is
    not an issue. 1st time out on the driving range, I was able to hit the
    ball but only with a significant fade or distinct slice — not straight and
    no draw. Obviously not good.

    Did some research on how to “fix a slice.” Found this video and tried out
    the techniques suggested today. Still sliced and faded a few but also hit
    several high, long and dead straight! F*cking AMAZING!!! I was also able
    to actually draw the ball a couple times as well.

    I have to think about about the grip, the swing and release but when I do
    it right, it feels REALLY REALLY good! Obviously need more practice to be
    able to hit the ball straight and long consistently and so that I it
    becomes an instinctual movement but this video is probably the BEST one
    I’ve seen on “how to fix your slice” and the only one with any suggestions
    that actually worked to fix MY slice.

    Highly recommended by this rank newbie who has only hit a couple hundred
    balls with his driver so far.

  • sibbots1 3 years ago

    Great video, simple explanation of everything i am doing wrong. Went to the
    range and it worked. Thanks