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VideoJug’s local golf expert Rickard Strongert is here to show you how to improve your chipping technique. Learn how to chip your ball onto the green in your…




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  • Bluecrew27 4 years ago

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  • bmw335hdk 4 years ago

    Where is “PERFECT! Videojugway”?

  • ABshookme 4 years ago

    And me who thought that I was a good golfer. For the last 2 years I have seen it way over 20 times and still find it useable.

  • hkpopfan4lif3 4 years ago

    Where is this course at?! Looks beautiful

  • MakerMoneyInc 4 years ago

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  • Howard Chambers 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot. Great vid…..

  • Pandasdfg 4 years ago

    Nbcdgcid u

  • tamega11 4 years ago

    Ok so 20secs of wasted time….

  • Daniel Weissbacher 4 years ago

    here you learn how to Swing a Club nearly perfect!
    I tried it too and was really amazed! you learn how to drop to 12 strokes!!
    that is just awesome!

  • craig mclaughlan 4 years ago

    clear and simple, thanks.

  • Govner2 4 years ago

    Can’t watch FLASH video on my IPad.

  • Uttam Floray 4 years ago


  • adforward62 4 years ago

    I flew my rabbit to Spain with me, couldn’t be without him.

  • Therasak Wonganusorn 4 years ago

    Very good teaching…..

  • iplaygolfdotnet 4 years ago

    Thanks for the insight. The way you break every aspect of the swing down on all the videos is so helpful.

  • 92willemc 4 years ago

    check out my golf swing :)

  • John Forbes 4 years ago

    This works on every video!
    Thumbs up if you know this!

  • GUTBUSTER79 4 years ago

    Were are you videojug guys located?

  • the videojug golf videos are some of the most helpful…thanks!

  • SwingSimpleGolf 4 years ago

    Improve your golf swing. To find new ways to improve and simplify your swing, visit my website at

  • martinigolftees 4 years ago

    thanks for the tips

  • martinigolftees 4 years ago


  • LFCEOIN 4 years ago

    i would just putt from where he was cus im a mad bastard

  • Jack Seaman 4 years ago

    dunlop driver? :L

  • ichigorox90 4 years ago

    I can hit my 5 wood farther than I can hit my driver any suggestions?