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Perfect your golf approach shot! Learn the proper pitching technique for playing golf in this free online video golf lesson. Expert: Glenn Amato Contact: www…
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  • healthnut4life48 5 years ago

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  • chittychad18 5 years ago

    Not a flop shot, they are easy.

  • Izzy Wizzy 5 years ago

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  • cibakcibak 5 years ago


  • bobloisan 5 years ago

    How can you teach, if you can’t perform this simple shot?

  • Ryan Toms 5 years ago

    you are the officially the new doushe of the universe…you are bad at golf, don’t teach other people how to be bad at golf…i am bad at japanenese, i don’t teach people japanese… move over john edward!

  • quacklovestess 5 years ago

    love it haha

  • christiank89 5 years ago

    Hello, could someone please take a look at my videos and tell me what i need to work on?

  • crowslayer91 5 years ago

    lmao @ sulfurAcid. *agrees*

  • axlrosenthegunnersru 5 years ago

    hes probably a scratch golfer so dnt pay him out he helped my swing he got me from 10 to 2 handycap in only 1 month and i am only 16

  • charles12120 5 years ago

    thats fucked up… i know ppl that died in that so fuck people like you so go live in a hut in Iraq so American soldiers can blow u up.

  • LordInksworth 5 years ago

    he’s your dad

  • zoranvjestica 5 years ago

    what a load of cum in ur face. this was shit. next time u post summin can u speak english pls??? did anyone see him make 100% contact on any of them shots??? i dont think so. go swing a dildo

  • leeroy2k2 5 years ago

    he’s just a fat twat

  • swainenz 5 years ago

    This must be a fucking piss take. Who is this muppet?

  • hondaracing15 5 years ago

    haha u cant even see where the ball goes this guy duznt know shit his shoulders are all f’ed up to his left shoulder is really low and he pulls inside a bit so dont listen to him …. 10 feet from the cup PROVE IT

  • ausmox 5 years ago

    I will pay you to stop posting. Seriously your not helping anyone. Go get some lessons yourself first then think about posting.

  • cornell76 5 years ago

    Thanks. Good lesson. You are smooth and natural and I am trying to develop a shot pattern like yours.

  • JayZoop 5 years ago

    He does have some good points, like choking up on the club to get more control. He is left handed so it’s deceiving to the eye that he has a bad swing. It’s not the greattest posture but it’s pretty good.

  • cambridgerocks 5 years ago

    and your an idit

  • gomaz146 5 years ago

    none of you fools know what ur tlking about dont watch the fucking video if ur gonna cry

  • Kevin01SH 5 years ago

    this guy is….not so great

  • flUmaRouS 5 years ago

    I think you should be using a chipper. Don’t mind you teaching people but please show at least on egood example of what your tring to teach, the best result you got in that video was 10feet? What is your handicap?

  • hammer6233 5 years ago

    his swing looks awful lol

  • MetallicA19185 5 years ago

    caoimhinmac is fuckin right man