Added by on 2015-02-03 In just 3 minutes flat, Mel Sole will make you a better putter! In this month’s video, Mel provides us with some extrem…

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  • james eadie 3 years ago

    glad this guy doesn’t play at Carnoustie, or Royal Aberdeen

  • Brent Pettis 3 years ago

    That was a very broad overview, almost anyone can stand 20 feet from a hole
    and have a general idea if it will go left or right. Green reading really
    matters inside 10 feet where you are trying to make par or birdie… that’s
    where green reading needs a more specific answer.

  • Raj Patel 3 years ago

    Great tip! I knew to look for high and low points but I was missing that I
    have to look for high and low points between my ball and hole!

  • FairwayJack 3 years ago

    Any thoughts on the grain direction ??

  • FairwayJack 3 years ago

    @golfschools …I always thought that greens ran in direction of smooth to
    worn. Pls advise if I am misunderstanding something. I believe the ball
    would tend to roll towards the worn side

  • Mel Sole Golf School 3 years ago

    @FairwayJack You are 10% correct, that was a typo. It will run “smooth to
    worn” Sorry about that.

  • James Johnson 3 years ago

    ZZZZZZ Snore* ..please talk faster

  • Mel Sole Golf School 3 years ago

    Yes, here in the south we do have grain as most of the courses have bermuda
    greens. I always look at the cup, because there will be a “worn” edge and a
    “smooth” edge. The grain would be running in the direction of “worn to
    smooth”. Also the green will look ligher down grain and darker into the

  • riazkhancrm 3 years ago

    Excellent tip. My reading of greens has improved tremendously. It takes the
    guessing out and is very accurate and reliable. Thanks

  • icu Rad 3 years ago

    Pointing did not help me at all. he missed the chance the show how the
    ball rolled. there was even dew on the grass, we would have seen the line
    of travel. If he said Right to left, , 1 ft above the hole. then hit the
    ball we would have seen if he could read the greens. Some golf school!!