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The proper golf apparel isn’t just about what you’re wearing but about how you’re wearing it. Learn how to wear the right golf apparel with help from a PGA golf professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Frank Ganley
Bio: Frank Ganley, a PGA Golf Professional, was elected to Membership in 1996.
Filmmaker: Rudolph Narcisse

Series Description: The game of golf involves a lot more than just swinging a club and hitting a ball – it involves things like exercise, the clothes that you wear, and even your status within the golf community. Get golf tips that you can use both on the course and off with help from a PGA golf professional in this free video series.

Sub70 teed off in the UK in early 2004 with one goal: to produce a collection of men’s golf apparel that would inspire and excite our customers. Our progressive brand takes golf fashion to a new level, with high performance, innovative clothing that bridges golf wear and sportswear. With our focus on fit and fearless (some might say irreverent) use of striking colors and color blocking, we’ve created a true lifestyle brand for today’s golfer.

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