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Improve your accuracy with your Drives and Irons

Fred Griffin, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Grand Cypress Academy Director shows you how to achieve the correct downswing path that will help you hit mor…
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Accuracy Training

This is a simple accuracy training drill.




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  • Bretis Gay 5 years ago

    It is all in your wrist. You’d be surprised how far you can throw standing still once you gain clean form.  Also, accuracy should always be your first consideration when learning a new throw or disc.

  • DrumPhil65 5 years ago

    It also looks like you are not using any step into the throw. It’s just about all arms. Is that part of the drill – to remove footwork variables and just focus on accuracy?

  • What was the orange disc you threw other than the Axis?

  • thediscgolfvids 5 years ago

    Its just a warm-up / training drill for practicing approach shots. The idea is to start just outside your putting range and move further and further back, trying to throw upshots inside the circle.

  • Adam Wells 5 years ago

    I don’t really get what the drill is, aside from just hucking plastic at a basket. Is there something specific you’re concentrating on doing here?