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The ES14 Advanced Launch Monitor helps every golfer know the distance of every shot with instant feedback! Dial in YOUR drives so you can hit farther.

The ES14 is an ideal tool that provides audible feedback when paired with the free app. Now you have the ability to practice as a pro and pick up where you left off in each session. The ES14 opens up a wold of technology for golfers offering a wide range of statistical information in an easy to read format.

The Complete Golf app for improving your game!
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Everyday Golf Coach is our original golf instruction app. The app features 38 incredible quality golf instruction videos and the swing analysis suite that allows you to view your own swing in slow motion and compare to our model library.
Having just issued a huge update we are delighted with the results. With incredible slow motion footage among a well structured learning program, there really is no other golf app like it.
And all for less than the price of a sleeve of golf balls!
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